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The NIST cybersecurity framework reminds us that it takes more than ethical hackers to defend an organization from cyber attacks.

In order to support your company or government agency implement the NIST framework, here are the courses that TrainACE offers. If you're in the Washington DC area, improve your organization's cyber security by encouraging employees to pursue these NICE specialties. For your convenience, we've organized these courses into the appropriate NICE Category.


In this NICE framework category, analysis is performed to review and evaluate incoming cybersecurity information to assess its utility for intelligence.

Collect and Operate

This section of the framework focuses on conducting denial and deception operations while collecting cybersecurity information to be used for intelligence.


This category involves investigating cybersecurity crimes and events on IT networks and systems.

  • Cyber Investigation – Collecting cybersecurity intelligence using multiple strategies, techniques, and processes.
  • Digital Forensics – Collecting, processing, preserving, analyzing, and presenting evidence to support network vulnerability mitigation, as well as fraud, criminal, counterintelligence, or law enforcement investigations.

Operate and Maintain

The Operate and Maintain section focuses on the administration, maintenance, and support for IT system security and performance.

Oversee and Govern

This category involves the direction, leadership, and advocacy of cybersecurity strategies, initiatives, and activities.

Protect and Defend

This category involves threat mitigation using careful analysis.

Securely Provision

This category focuses on conceptualizing, designing, procuring, and building secure IT systems. It also covers system and network development.


*If TrainACE does not currently offer a course related to a specific NICE framework that you need in your organization, please speak with one of our program managers- we still might be able to help.