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ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundations Training

ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundations Training

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The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of detailed practices for use in an IT Service environment. Created to establish a set of standard processes for large companies and governments to harmonize their development. TrainACE offer ITIL Foundations training, where we will teach you the principle concepts behind ITIL and how to implement them. We offer ITIL classes at both our Greenbelt, MD and Ashburn, VA offices throughout the year.

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    Get your ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundations Training training in our convenient IT training centers in Maryland or Virginia.


    Why Take ITIL Certification Training?

    ITIL Service Management Foundations v3 is the ITSM intro-level course intended for IT professionals who are responsible for developing, supporting, managing and operating application-based IT services and infrastructure-based IT services. We hold regular ITIL training sessions in Greenbelt, MD and Ashburn, VA.

    The class we offer provides a fundamental overview of the ITIL Service Life Cycle and prepares the students for the ITIL Foundations certification exam. With this class we provide an experienced and ITIL Certified v3 Instructor as well as world-class accredited ITIL courseware.

    TrainACE offers training on the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Foundations Certification to groups, companies, government agencies and organizations at our two training locations in the DC Metro area: Ashburn, VA, and Greenbelt, MD.

    This ITIL training near Washington DC is part of the Protect and Defend, Oversee and Govern, and the Securely Provision NICE Cybersecurity Workforce categories. It will help prepare you to work in the vulnerability assessment and management, strategic planning and policy development, or systems requirements planning NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework specialty area.

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    What is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Training?

    The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a collection of volumes that detail the framework and best practices for delivering IT services. There are currently five books included in the ITIL, with each one covering various phases or practice areas. Each book contains supporting principles, policies, and processes that are contained in each phase. The different phases are:

      1. 1. Service Strategy – In this phase, services as strategic assets will be defined as well as the maintenance and implementation of intentional strategies.
      2. 2. Service Design – This phase covers the assessment of an organization’s management processes to determine the best way to design and develop new services or improve existing ones.
      3. 3. Service Transition – The transition phase covers the natural transition from development to operations.
      4. 4. Service Operation – This phase defines how to manage services once they're in production use.
      5. 5. Continuous Service Improvement – This phase is designed to help ITIL professionals stay up to date and apprised of new requirements for ITIL.

    TrainACE’s ITIL Foundations training course is designed to teach students the core concepts behind ITIL and how to best implement them. It’s an introductory course that covers the basics to get you started with learning ITIL.


    Why Take ITIL Training in DC?

    Many organizations around DC have adopted the ITIL framework as their internal IT standard. In the past, it was mainly larger corporations that used the framework, which made ITIL certified employees valuable to them. But now, there are more and more small- and medium-sized companies that recognize the importance of using the framework and hiring employees with ITIL credentials as part of their IT team.

    As more organizations are adopting the ITIL framework, the need for ITIL certified employees is growing. ITIL skills are a valuable addition for every IT professional, from entry-level system administrators to chief information officers. It’s also an ideal credential for project managers within the IT department. For project managers, who are already familiar with development lifecycle processes, ITIL principles will appeal to them and be a natural and useful addition to their skillset.


    Can I Take the ITIL Exam without Training?

    Certification, of every kind, require that you have specific and comprehensive knowledge of the subject. The ITIL certification exams are no different. It’s always recommended that students take appropriate training before sitting any certification exam. With a combination of classroom training and studying, you will have the best chances of passing certification exams.

    TrainACE’s ITIL Foundations course will provide you with an understanding of ITIL basics – key concepts, elements, and terminology that are used in the ITIL service lifecycle.


    How Do I Best Prepare for ITIL Certifications?

    To be prepared for ITIL certification exams requires that you have a working knowledge of all aspects of ITIL that are included in the tests. Our ITIL Foundations training course is the first step to learning ITIL basics that will set the foundation for all ITIL certifications you plan to pursue. If you are interested in ITIL certification training, starting with TrainACE’s ITIL Foundations course is the best place to start. It’s easy to register for this course. Click on Enroll Today and choose the schedule that works for you- whether you're in DC, Maryland, or Virginia.


    What you need to know before taking ITIL training


    This course is suited to IT professionals, business managers or business process owners in an organization that operates according to ITIL. There are no required prerequisites for this course.

    Exam and Certification Requirements:


    There is one 40 question exam required for this certification. In order to pass, you must answer 65% correct.


    Who needs ITIL Certification Training?


    Related Careers:

      • Solutions Architect
      • Service Desk Analyst
      • Service Management DevOps Lead
      • Systems Engineer Solution Architect


      Skills and Concepts:

      Topics & Concepts Covered in ITIL Training Include:

        • Service lifecycle approach and the 5 key phases (core ITIL books) of the model
        • Goals, objective, value and purpose to the business of the 5 phases
        • Outlining of the relationship between the ITIL phases and processes
        • ITIL’s five operational processes, single function, five tactical processes