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Vendor Partnerships

Programs must be comprehensive, current, and undergo rigorous annual scrutiny to gain these accolades. Instructors must also maintain annual train-the-trainer hours and specific certification maintenance and upkeep. 


CompTIA Platinum Partner

TrainACE is a CompTIA Platinum Level Authorized Learning Partner and is a two time ATC of the Year winner. In 2018 TrainACE was presented with the Outstanding Leader award by CompTIA.



EC-Council Authorized Partner

TrainACE is an EC-Council Authorized Training Center and was recognized in 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 for the EC-Council Circle of Excellence Award. The Circle of Excellence Award is an honor given to the top five accredited training centers worldwide. 



Microsoft Authorized Partner

TrainACE is an official training partner for Microsoft 




Training Partners

i-tek Academy

Infosec Learning Partner

TrainACE partners with i-tek Academy to provide government and military group training programs. Run by Rita Whitfield, i-tek Academy provides high-quality customized group training.


Infosec Learning

Infosec Learning Partner

Infosec Learning partners with TrainACE to provide virtual labs as part of our comprehensive instructor-led training programs. These labs are used to re-enforce the skills and knowledge that students learn in the classroom.  


Steel Toad

Steel Toad Partner

If you are looking for comprehensive and authoritative CMMI and CMMC training, we recommend Steel Toad.

With extensive experience in management, development, and cybersecurity best practices, Steel Toad have created project management frameworks and process templates that help clients identify, capture and maintain their organizational processes.


Business Alliances

Cybersecurity Association of Maryland Inc. (CAMI)

TrainACE is a long-time member of the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland. The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) is a statewide, 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization established in 2015. CAMI was originally created to drive the growth of Maryland's cybersecurity industry. Today, we grow and serve the cybersecurity ecosystem through advocacy, education and building community.

Greenbelt Business Alliance

Greenbelt Business Alliance
TrainACE is a proud founding-member of the Greenbelt Business Alliance. The alliances' mission is to bring together cross-sector business to support long-term growth and sustainability in the City of Greenbelt, Maryland.

Fort Meade Alliance

Fort Meade Alliance
The Fort Meade Alliance mission is to promote Fort George G. Meade as a growing regional economic asset and provide impact to the region with targeted programs and initiatives. TrainACE is a member if the alliance and partner in the Fort Meade Alliance Academy.