TrainACE News and Events

12/06/2018 - [Infographic] Understanding Ethical Hacking

Check out our cool new infographic about ethical hacking on our blog. It talks about the difference between black hat and white hat hacking. it also has an embed code if you want to add it to your website! You can check it our here: Understanding Ethical Hacking

11/27/2018 - 'TrainACE in the Community' Campaign Launched

Today we launched our end of year giving-back campaign whereby we will be donating a proportion of sales during December to two local, non-profit organizations. This year we have chosen the Brainy Camp Association and Companion Bridge. Find out more on our TrainACE in the Community page.

11/26/2018 - New Blog

In our latest blog, we discuss the benefits of classroom versus virtual training. As always there are benefits to both styles but one will usually suit you better than the other. Check it out for yourself at Classroom vs. Virtual Training: What’s Your Best Fit?

11/21/2018 - TrainACE Launch New Site

Today we re-launched our website with a host of new features. The new TrainACE website features a cleaner, brighter look, a fully mobile friendly layout and the ability to purchase courses directly through the site. Most of all we wanted to make the site easier to understand and use so that you can get your career on the fast track.





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