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Our training packages are designed to fit your schedule, giving you the flexibility to fit around your work schedule and personal needs. Once you have signed up for a package, you have two years to complete all the training courses.

To schedule classes for the package you have signed up for, review the schedules available on the specific course pages on our website, and then call your program manager at (301) 220 2802 to book a seat.

Why enroll in the TrainACE Penetration Tester certification training package?

Aimed at experienced IT professionals with a sound foundational understanding computers and networking our Penetration Tester package is not for the beginner. As one of our most advanced Cyber Security packages you should consider this program of you are looking to move into Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment career fields around Washington DC.

Our Penetration Tester package has the potential to take you from an experienced network and security practitioner to a cybersecurity expert. The package includes five instructor led courses (CompTIA Security+, PenTest+, EC-Council CEH, and CHFI ECSA), 200 hours of classroom instruction, an LPT Exam kit, all relevant courseware and six 6 Exam Vouchers,

This package is priced at $11,420, a savings of $2,855 compared to purchasing each training course separately, which would total $14,275.

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What Does a Penetration Tester Do?

A penetration tester in the IT industry has various tasks and responsibilities. Generally speaking, they are responsible for finding security vulnerabilities in a company’s networks and mitigating those weaknesses. They may also be tasked with creating improved or new security procedures. Doing this can require many duties, including:

  • Performing penetration tests on networks, computer systems, and applications
  • Performing physical assessments of security systems, network devices, servers, and other relevant devices to find any areas that need improved or new physical protection
  • Creating new methods of testing to find weaknesses
  • Identifying methods or entry points that cyber attackers may exploit to gain access to networks
  • Identifying any vulnerabilities in web applications, software, and proprietary systems
  • Research, review, document, and communicate pen test findings with the IT team and management
  • Minimize downtime and loss of productivity in accordance with corporate standards
  • Evaluate and provide feedback for information security solutions
  • Establish improvements for existing security including software, hardware, protocols, and company policies
  • Stay up to date on the most recent security threats and malware
  • Identify any area of security education that need improvement for employees

The above are just some of the most common responsibilities of a penetration tester. There may be more or different expectations, depending on the company.

Why Become a certified Penetration Tester in Washington, DC?

Cybercrime is everywhere. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing threats to organizations and corporations worldwide. Nearly one-third of companies around the globe say that they have been victims of cyberattacks. To help keep their information and digital assets safe, more companies are spending time and money to develop cybersecurity strategies to combat and prevent such attacks. As a result, there is a surplus of jobs in the industry that involve penetration testing and white-hat hacking.

That means that it’s a great time to become a penetration tester in the Metro D.C. area. Not only are there an abundance of job openings, but the earning potential is well-above national averages. The average salary for a penetration tester in Washington D.C. (and the surrounding areas) is $125,042, with the top end of the salary range being $206,000.

Courses included

  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA PenTest+
  • EC Council CEH
  • EC Council CHFI
  • EC Council ECSA

Exams Vouchers Included

  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA PenTest+
  • EC Council CEH
  • EC Council CHFI
  • EC Council ECSA
  • EC Council LPT Exam Kit


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