TrainACE's COVID-19 Preparedness and Response

Updated 08/14/2020

We are now running nearly all our classes in-person, with an option to attend live-online.

We have re-started in-person training for nearly all out instrcutor-led classes. Seats for these classes are still for social distancing requirements. If you prefer to take in-person training, call or email us to see if the in-person seats are available.

If you are not comfortable attending in-person classes, the same classes will continue to be streamed live-online.


Keeping students and staff healthy and safe

Our top priority has always been to provide a safe and healthy environment in which students can study, and in which our staff can fully support them. The current pandemic is no exception. In order to facilitate a safe learning environment we will continue to follow State and National Government guidelines. We will also be continue to implement the following procedures and requirements of students wishing to attend classes in-person: 

  • Students will sign a short document confirming that they have met some basic health criteria as part of the enrollment process.
  • Face masks will be worn at all times.
  • Offices, equipment and surfaces will be regularly cleaned by TrainACE staff throughout the day.
  • Hand-sanitizer will be available in every classroom.   
  • In-person class sizes will be strictly limited for purposes of social distancing.
  • Social distancing in class and communal areas of the offices is required.
  • Students will not gather in the break room area, this will remain open for access to classrooms and use of facilities only (sink).   
  • Pre-packaged snacks will be available in the classrooms. You may bring your own coffee and food as long as it is in a sealed/non-spill container.

IMPORTANT! – We will assess the pandemic conditions daily and will change our opening policy accordingly. If the situation gets worse, or students are not adhering to the above rules we will return to providing live-online training only. If the Federal or State government issue new shut-down orders we will follow them.


Live-Online classes will continue

Rest assured that, if you prefer taking online classes in the comfort of your own home, or you’re concerned about attending in-person classes during the pandemic, we will continue to run all our classes in the live-online format.

Our experience with the live-online format is that students get the same quality of instruction as they would when physically attending class. You can ask the instructor questions and interact with other students, which gives you a richer experience and better helps you master the material. The live aspect of the training will also help you keep focused on relevant topics, so you can be sure you've covered all the requirements for the exam in a timely manner.


Exams and our Pearson VUE Test Center

Our Pearson VUE Test Center is open for people wishing to test in-person. In addition most certification vendors are now allowing students to take proctored exams online, if you have appropriate set up. If you wish to take an exam online you can call us for details on how to set that up.

Questions or concerns?

We will continue to monitor and adapt to the changing circumstances, and will keep you informed of any changes. If you have any further questions or concerns call us at (301) 220 2802

Finally, we want to recognize that these are difficult times and this emergency is going to affect everyone in different ways. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to play our part in flattening-the-curve, while enabling you to get the training you need in a safe and timely manner.

John Walther.
General Manager,






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