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Get your team up to speed on a wide range of IT skills and certifications, guaranteed!


Corporate IT Training Tailored to Your Team’s Needs and Location

Whether you’re looking to get your team through a specific certification exam or have unique skills requirements, we have a solution that provides your team with quality instruction at a location that suits you and at a cost that won’t break your training budget.


DOD 8570, DOD 8140, and NICE Compliant Training

We offer a range of DoD compliant classes, including skills-based training that matches NIST’s NICE framework job roles and skills requirements. We build customized training programs for organizations with specific DoD/NICE-related requirements.


100% Pass Guarantee for Group Training

Our Pass Guarantee applies to any group training class that includes exam vouchers. Students receive an exam voucher and a free retake exam voucher for each student if they fail the first attempt. If the pass rate is less than 100% after the two attempts, TrainACE will provide a free spot in an upcoming “Public” class to the organization that can be used by the same student or a replacement student.


Why Does Your Company Need IT Training From TrainACE?

TrainACE is an award-winning organization that offers our corporate customers excellent experiences, unbeatable pricing, and high-quality training for their employees. Whatever your corporate IT training and cybersecurity needs are, we can help you, your employees, and your organization.

Headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland, we’ve helped organizations around the Washington DC Region and throughout the United States develop their IT and Cybersecurity teams for over twenty years. During that time, we’ve continuously adapted our training programs and delivery methods to meet the latest needs of our customers and the industry.

Our primary focus is on live instructor-led training, provided in-person or live-online. For in-person training, you can send your team to our training center in Greenbelt, Maryland, or we can send instructors to your offices, whichever works best for you.

All our instructors are fully certified in the classes they teach and have years of industry experience. So, your team not only learns the skills they need but gets the benefit of real-world experience and knowledge.

Government agencies can purchase from our GSA Schedule and receive GSA pricing on custom or open enrollment purchases.


How Does Corporate IT Training Benefit Your Organization?

In the ever-evolving world of IT and cybersecurity, keeping your team up to speed with the latest technology is critical. Investing in well-planned corporate training puts your organization in the driving seat. It ensures that your staff are trained in line with your corporate goals and that you aren’t relying on individuals to keep their skills up to date on their own.

Corporate training also plays an important role in your workforce development planning. Offering your employees training will help with retention, both as an employee benefit and in giving employees internal promotion opportunities.

More specifically, you’ll find corporate training:

  • Improves operations and productivity – When your staff is consistently receiving quality training, it will improve the overall quality of your team. Employees are better equipped to handle IT issues, tasks, and responsibilities, improving processes and productivity.
  • Cohort Training – As well as improving specific skills, team training brings individuals together in a shared goal. This ‘cohort training’ creates better comradery and has lasting benefits for your company when the employees return to work.
  • Increases employee contributions to the business – Well-trained and knowledgeable employees feel comfortable contributing ideas, best practices, and new insights to the company for consideration.
  • Improves employee confidence – As your employees’ knowledge grows, so will their confidence. This often leads to internal job promotions, increased motivation, and an overall enhancement of employee morale.
  • Encourages employees to stay up to date – The technology industry is ever-changing. Consistent corporate training classes will ensure that your team stays updated on those changes, industry trends, and new technologies.
  • Saves your organization money – Corporate training at TrainACE is cost-efficient and valuable to organizations.

    How Much Does Corporate IT Training Cost a Company?

    TrainACE offers corporate, government, and military organizations discounted rates on our group training. Whether you are looking for a regular certification training class or a customized training program, you will find our instructor-led training prices are hard to beat.

    For maximum flexibility, corporate customers often choose to take advantage of our training voucher program.

    TrainACE Training Vouchers can be redeemed for any instructor-led training courses up to two years after purchase and can be transferred to anyone in your organization. Vouchers come with a discount baked-in, so you can save up to 40% on training when you purchase them.

    Our training vouchers are particularly useful if you have to set annual budgets before knowing who on your team will need training during the year and for which classes.



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