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Advanced Security

For certified professionals who desire to take the next step in the cyber security industry, Advanced Security is the pioneer in creating high-quality content in emerging branches of cybersecurity. In addition to conducting research on content for courses, our team of instructors and staff is dedicated to planning, preparing, and running well-organized, small-setting classes in which all of our efforts go towards ensuring our students receive the best experience possible.

Since 2001, Advanced Security has serviced the global community with elite cybersecurity training. We have proven to be a premier institution for experienced professionals looking to continue their cybersecurity education, as evidenced by the numerous awards we’ve received in recognition for our quality training. Training is led by our group of highly-educated instructors who have years of experience working in cybersecurity and teaching students in a classroom setting. Here at Advanced Security, we care about the cybersecurity professional’s need to stay up-to-date with newer technologies and trends.

Because we’re in the business of providing top-grade training to our students, we have a stringent set of guidelines that determine student eligibility to participate in our program.

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