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Cancellation/Refund Policy

If TrainACE closes or discontinues a course for any reason, TrainACE shall refund to any currently enrolled student monies paid by the student for tuition and fees for which the student is liable. Cancellation made more than seven days prior to the start of class will be refunded at full price minus the $150 registration fee.

Cancellations with less than seven (7) days prior to the class start date are not entitled to a refund. If a student withdraws after instruction begins there will be no refund. However, a student may reschedule the class for a future date within one year. Students absent for three consecutive days or evenings will be determined to have withdrawn. There are no deductions/refunds for illness, missed days, or on days when TrainACE is closed due to circumstances beyond TrainACE’s control. For example, due to inclement weather, acts of God, power, gas or water outages, acts of terrorism and/or Federal, State or local Government related emergencies.

All requests for cancellation should be done in person or submitted in writing and delivered to TrainACE, 7833 Walker Drive Suite 520 Greenbelt, MD 20770 Phone: 301-220-2802 Fax: 301-220-3814

Class Retake Policy: Students are eligible to retake the class for free. The retake must take place within one calendar year from the start of the original class. The student must incur any fees associated with the changing of course material. Free retakes are not provided for exams, unless mentioned on the TrainACE website.


Privacy Policy

Who we are:

TrainACE is an award-winning IT training and certification company based in Greenbelt MD. We provide instructor-led classes, instructor-led online classes and self-paced online classes. We have been in business since 2001.

The data we collect:

We collect personal data that relates directly to your relationship with our business:

  • Basic communication data, including email address, phone, first and last name, company name.
  • IT certification history, including previous classes you have, classes you are interested in taking.
  • Using our Sales and Marketing tools, we gather a limited amount of background data which can include: your IP address, social media handles, visits to our web sites and some other publicly available data.
  • We collect a limited amount of data through ads on Facebook and potentially other social channels (email and name)
  • Other data: From time to time we may collect data related to your personal likes and preferences that seems disconnected from our core business. For instance we may ask for your favorite NHL team if we run a competition for a game ticket. Or we may ask you about your interest in a new area of business we are considering adding to our portfolio. Regardless we will be open and direct about gathering this type of information.
  • Outside of the limited public data we gather through our Sales and Marketing tools, we DO NOT purchase or obtain external content from third parties to blend with your personal data.

Why we collect your data:


  • To let you know when relevant courses are scheduled that will enhance your career.
  • To help us target email campaigns more accurately and reduce how many emails we send you.
  • Provide you with educational content such as white papers and webinars - Keep you up to date with the latest news from TrainACE.


  • To process your purchases accurately and securely.
  • Protect you and our business from fraudulent actions
  • Enable us to communicate instructions with you before taking a class.
  • Enable us to contact you quickly in case of changes in a class (e.g., severe weather closures).
  • To follow up with you after a class to gauge how we did and how we can improve our services.

Where we store collected data:

The majority of data we collect is stored in well-established, trusted, proprietary services such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Sage. A small quantity of paper-based information is stored securely on site. All credit card information is stored securely through Sage.

How long we store your data:

It is in our interest as well as yours to keep our records clean and up to date. As far as data collected from clients who do not purchase, we review our data yearly and delete records of people who have clearly not engaged with our emails or website in over a year. This is an on-going process. Sales data is kept indefinitely to maintain our records for business purposes.

How we use your personal data:

We use personal data to better serve our clients and improve the services we provide. We use the data to better target your needs and limit the amount of email and advertising you see.

**We DO NOT sell or share your personal data with third party sites or organizations other than required by law.

How the data is secured:

Day to day personal data is collected, stored and secured through Hubspot and Salesforce, using their password protection and encryption. Credit card and purchase data is held and secured by Sage, using their password protection and encryption. A minimal level of paper-based data is stored and secured within the TrainACE offices, using lock and key, and video surveillance

Opt-in Communication:

By clicking submit on our forms, you verify that you are opting-in to receiving information from TrainACE about training classes and other IT training events such as webinars. You may receive phone calls and / or emails about this topic from us. Calls may be monitored or recorded for training purposes. After receiving an email, you have the option to opt-out of emails (see the bottom of any email for relevant links). All requests for opt-outs are honored (this may take a day or two to clear our systems).