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CEH + CHFI Certification Training Combo

CEH + CHFI Certification Training Combo

$5,990.00 Per Enrollment

Price Includes:

Courseware, Exam Vouchers, ‘Price & Quality Guarantee’ and 80 Hours In-Class Training


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Are you intrigued by the world of digital forensics? Our combined CEH + CHFI training class is designed to take you from a novice cybersecurity practitioner to a fully certified forensic investigator, quickly and at a great price.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). Once you have your basic IT certification and experience down, EC-Councils CEH certification is the next step into the fascinating world of ethical hacking and penetration testing. Our hands-on, instructor-led class will teach you all you need to know about the fundamentals of offensive hacking and the ability to use hacking knowledge and skills for good. We'll show you how to utilize your curiosity and computer skills to hack into systems with the goal of identifying and fixing holes in an organization's IT infrastructure.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI). Expanding on the skills you learned studying for the CEH exam, our CHFI training class takes you into the fascinating world of digital forensics. EC-Councils CHFI Certification proves your ability to identify the origins of computer intrusions, and how to gather and present evidence in support of resulting prosecutions. This is a great certification for anyone working in law enforcement, banking, security, and systems administration

Our CEH and CHFI classes are hands-on, instructor-led programs, designed to ensure you can apply your skills in the real world, as well as pass the certification exams. The whole program takes 80 hours, with the two classes running consecutively. This CEH + CHFI Combo training is a great way to progress your skills quickly through expert teaching and study.

DoD 5870

CEH certification satisfies requirements for CSSP Analyst, CSSP Infrastructure Support, CSSP Incident Responder, and CSSP Auditor roles, as part of DoD 8570



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    Get your CEH + CHFI Certification Training Combo training in our convenient IT training centers in Maryland or Virginia.

    Why Take a Combined CEH + CHFI Combo Course in Maryland?

    With cybercrime at an all-time high and a worldwide shortage of cybersecurity professionals, now is the time to dive into the fascinating and lucrative world of cybersecurity and computer forensics. As cyber-attacks increase in volume and sophistication, the need for IT professionals with the skills to identify intruders and gather digital evidence to prosecute these bad actors is creating a demand for people with CEH and CHFI certifications.

    With so many large agencies and organizations headquartered in Maryland and the Washington DC region, we are particularly well suited to help you take advantage of local opportunities. When it comes to national as well as corporate security there are few regions in the country that need highly-skilled cybersecurity practitioners as Washington does.

    Anyone working in the fields of law enforcement, law, security, IT risk and security, or IT infrastructure will find the CEH + CHFI Combo training a great way to fortify their applied knowledge and increase their understanding of this emerging area of criminality. 

    But why take a combined CEH + CHFI class?

    You can, of course, enroll in the CEH and the CHFI classes separately, so why take a combined class? The answer lies in how quickly and cost-effectively you want to get to your goal.

    Taking the combined class has several long term advantages:

    • It's cheaper - If you plan on taking a path into digital forensics and intend to take both CEH and CHFI, our combined class is significantly less expensive than taking them individually.
    • Skills re-enforcement - Since CHFI builds on skills and knowledge learned in training for CEH, taking these two classes consecutively maximizes the reinforcement of shared concepts.
    • It's faster - Having committed to both classes you will avoid the temptation to put off the second class and stall your career.
    • Keeps you focused - Committing to the full CEH + CHFI program keeps you focused on achieving your goal. We'll provide the class structure and materials you need to succeed.


    Why Is CHFI Training In-Demand in the Washington DC Region?

    Washington DC is unique in the United States in that it has six local law enforcement agencies and 4,625 police officers. It also has the densest police population per citizen in any US state. There are many reasons for this, but with Washington DC being a densely populated metropolitan city with a wide range of social-economic neighborhoods, there is a particular demand for IT professionals with the skills to investigate and identify criminal breaches of company networks and IT systems. Armed with your CEH and CHFI accreditation, you will find plenty of opportunities to practice your skills and knowledge as you gain experience in the digital forensic world.


    What you need to know before starting the combined CEH + CHFI Training Class

    There are no proscribed prerequisites for taking the CEH + CHFI Combo training but successful candidates typically have several years working in IT and have CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ or equivalent certifications under their belt. 


    Exam and Certification Requirements:

    This course prepares you for EC-Council’s CEH v10 certification exam 312-50 and EC-Council’s CHFI v9 certification exam.

    The CEH exam consists of 125 multiple -choice questions, 4 hours long. The required passing score is 70%.

    The CHFI exam consists of 150 multi-choice questions, lasts 4 hours, and has a 70% pass requirement.


    Who needs CEH + CHFI Certification?

    CEH and CHFI certification opens up a range of exciting career opportunities including:

    • Network Security Specialist
    • Penetration Tester
    • Site Administrator
    • Security Administrator
    • IT Security Specialist
    • IT Systems Administrator
    • Information Assurance/Security Specialist
    • Security Operations Manager
    • IT Security Consultant
    • Ethical Hacker
    • IT Auditor
    • Computer Forensics Analyst
    • Homeland Security Specialist


    How Long is the CEH + CHFI Combo Class?


    The combined CEH + CHFI training class consists of 80 hours of instructor-led classes. Candidates can opt for weekday, evening, or weekend classes as they are available. 


    Skills and Concepts:

    To review the skills and concepts you will learn in the class, please review the full details of each class: