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ECIH - Certified Incident Handler Training

ECIH - Certified Incident Handler Training

$1,995.00 Per Enrollment

Price Includes:

Courseware, Exam Voucher, ‘Price & Quality Guarantee’. If you fail your first attempt at the exam, TrainACE will pay for a second attempt.

Do you know what to do after a cyber attack has occurred? Our ECIH-Certified Incident Handler training program will teach you how to identify and minimize damage caused by computer security incidents. Our certified instructors will show you how to assess risk, undertake computer forensics, and how to create a computer security incident response team, and much more.

Our instructor-led courses are ideal for anyone who benefits from one-to-one interaction and class collaboration. Our hands-on classes will give you the practical experience you need to succeed in the real world as well as the technical skills to pass the certification exam.



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    Get your ECIH - Certified Incident Handler Training training in our convenient IT training centers in Maryland or Virginia.


    This ECIH training near Washington DC is part of the Operate and Maintain, Securely Provision, and Analyze NICE Cybersecurity Workforce categories. It will help prepare you to work in the data administration, systems administration, systems analysis, systems architecture, or threat analysis NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework specialty area.

    Why Take ECIH Training in Maryland?

    The EC-Council’s ECIH-Certified Incident Handler certification is a program that will provide you with the skills you need in order to identify and minimize the damage caused by computer security incidents. This incident response course will cover the basics of computer security incidents, including introducing you to the different kinds of security incidents and the ways these incidents can expose an information system to the risks of unauthorized access or loss of information. Certified students will gain knowledge in assessing risk, computer forensics, and creating computer security incident response teams.

    You will learn about the legal implications you will have to consider when attempting to neutralize the damage that can be caused by network security threats. The course will also cover designing suitable business continuity plans, providing you with the knowledge you will need to help their organizations continue operations in the event of a significant security incident.

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    What you need to know before taking ECIH training


    Students who finish the certification will be able to enter the computer security field with the knowledge required to set up appropriate and effective policies to deal with a variety of computer security incidents. System administrators, IT managers and directors, and anyone who works in computer security can benefit from obtaining this certification.

    Exam and Certification Requirements:

    In order to be certified, students will need to take a two-hour exam, ECIH. During the exam, the students will have to demonstrate their knowledge of several areas related to computer security incident handling, including risk assessment, the steps to identifying security incidents, in particular, malicious code incidents and insider threats, and incident reporting and recovery.


    Who needs ECIH Certification in DC?

    CompTIA ECIH Certification prepares you for roles in the following job types:

    • IT Security Analyst
    • Threat Intelligence Analyst
    • Security Operations Center Analyst
    • Incident Response Analyst

    What will I learn in this ECIH class?

    • Principles and techniques for detecting and responding to current and emerging computer security threats
    • How to handle various types of incidents
    • Risk assessment methodologies
    • Various laws and policies related to incident handling