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CCSE - Certified Cloud Security Engineer - Training and Certification

CCSE - Certified Cloud Security Engineer - Training and Certification

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Courseware, Exam Voucher, iLabs, ‘Price & Quality Guarantee’. If you fail your first attempt at the exam, TrainACE will pay for a second attempt.

TrainACE's Certified Cloud Security Engineer (CCSE) training class is designed to teach students the fundamentals of cloud security. This five-day, hands-on, instructor-led class was created in collaboration with cloud security professionals from around the globe. It will help students prepare for the EC-Council CCSE certification exam.

Our CCSE training mixes vendor-neutral and vendor-specific cloud security concepts. Vendor-neutral training teaches students the universal concepts that apply to best practices, technologies, and frameworks in cloud security. While, the vendor-specific training gives students practical knowledge and skills that they will need to work with specific platforms like Amazon Web Servies (AWS), Microsoft's Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The CCSE class exemplifies TrainACE's training methodology. Our industry-experienced instructors will give students hands-on instruction, teaching them the practical skills to get the job done and the knowledge required to pass the CCSE exam.



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    Get your CCSE - Certified Cloud Security Engineer - Training and Certification training in our convenient IT training centers in Maryland or Virginia.


    This Certified Cloud Security Engineer Training and Certification is part of the protect and defend, oversee and govern, and the operate and maintain NICE cybersecurity workforce category. It will help prepare you to work in the cyber defense infrastructure support, cybersecurity management, or network services NICE cybersecurity workforce framework specialty area.

    Why Take CCSE Training in Maryland?

    With the rapid adoption of cloud technologies in the Washington DC Region, the need for skilled professionals who can secure cloud networks is expanding throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia. While cloud adoption offers excellent benefits to organizations, it brings with it a complex configuration of security options. Taking CCSE training will arm you with the fundamentals needed to understand cloud security and practical skills using the three biggest cloud platforms.

    If you've been working in IT for any time, you'll already be familiar with the existence of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft's Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). All three are well-established and growing cloud platforms, but each uses its own system of permissions and functionality for security.

    Given the wide variety of applications being built on any cloud platform, security options' configuration is necessarily all-encompassing and complex. This complexity can lead to vulnerabilities. Indeed, several notable breaches have already occurred due to misconfigured cloud platforms. Our CCSE class will help candidates understand their security options and avoid pitfalls.

    With a blend of vendor-neutral knowledge and vendor-specific skills, EC-Councils' CCSE certification makes it unique among professional IT accreditations, giving you an edge when applying for cloud security roles.

    Organizations in Maryland, Virginia, and DC are crying out for cloud security engineers. With a lack of qualified engineers in the area, these companies need help building secure cloud infrastructures. This CCSE class provides cloud implementation and maintenance fundamentals and job-ready practical skills.

    You'll learn:

    • Cloud security fundamentals in a vendor-neutral environment
    • Specific vendor knowledge and skills used to configure AWS, Azure, and GCP
    • How to set up and manage secure cloud environments
    • How to protect, identify, and respond to threats in a cloud network infrastructure
    • The importance of business continuity and disaster recovery plans in a cloud environment
    • How to design and implement cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery plans
    • The skills and knowledge to conduct cloud pentesting and security audits

    Who Needs CCSE Training?

    CCSE training is excellent for anyone looking to advance in roles related to Cloud implementations. While this will particularly suit hands-on roles, CCSE has plenty to offer managers and supervisors who manage teams working with Cloud technology.

    More specifically, CCSE is great for:

    • Network Security administrators, engineers, and analysts
    • Cloud administrators, engineers, and analysts
    • InfoSec professionals
    • Cybersecurity engineers and analysts
    • CND Certified professionals

    What Jobs Can I Get With CCSE?

    CCSE Certification opens up a wide range of opportunities in the growing field of cloud technologies. These cover everything from hands-on cloud technology roles to management and operations roles. Here are some key jobs, along with their average salary in the Washington DC region (according to ZipRecruiter):

    • Cloud Security Engineer ($126,831)
    • Cloud Security Consultant ($143,881)
    • Cloud Security Architect ($155,565)
    • Cloud Engineer ($120,298)
    • Cloud Administrator ($90,346)
    • Cloud Security Analyst ($128,604)
    • Cloud Security Specialist ($104,008)
    • Cloud Operations Engineer ($111,963)
    • Cloud Operations Manager ($109,527)

    What Do You Need to Know Before Taking CCSE Training?

    The Certified Cloud Security Engineer exam has no specific prerequisites, but this is not an entry-level certification. Successful candidates typically have a working knowledge of network security management and a basic understanding of cloud computing concepts.

    If you need to get up to speed on these subjects, we'd recommend taking one of these classes first:

    • CompTIA Network+
    • CompTIA Security+
    • CompTIA Cloud Esssentials+

    What Are the Exam Requirements For CCSE?

    The CCSE exam consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. You have four hours to complete the exam.

    What Skills Will I Learn Taking CCSE Training in Maryland?

    Introduction to Cloud Security

    You'll start by learning the fundamentals of cloud computing, cloud service models, and cloud-based threats and vulnerabilities. We'll explain service provider components, including the evaluation and the shared security responsibility model. Understanding these are critical to securing your cloud environment and protecting your organizational resources.

    Cloud Security of Platform and Infrastructure

    We'll teach you the essential technologies and components that make up a cloud architecture and the best ways to secure physical, multi-tenant, virtualized, and logical cloud components. Our instructors will take you through best practices for configuring and securing physical data centers and cloud infrastructures utilizing functionality within AWS, Microsoft's Azure, and GCP

    Securing Applications in the Cloud

    We'll teach you how to ensure your cloud applications are secured and take you through secure software development lifecycle changes. We'll then teach you the specifics of how Azure, AWS, and GCP use their services and tools for application security.

    Securing Data in the Cloud

    This module will teach the fundamentals of cloud data storage, its lifecycle, and the tools available for securing data in the cloud, whether in rest or transit. We'll It also addresses data storage features and the multiple services and tools used for securing data stored in Azure, AWS, and GCP.

    Operation Security in the Cloud

    We'll review the critical security controls required in building, implementing, operating, managing, and maintaining physical and logical infrastructures for cloud environments and the specific tools and knowledge needed to apply operational security in AWS, Azure, and GCP implementations.

    Penetration Testing in the Cloud

    You'll learn how to review your organization's cloud infrastructures security through comprehensive pentesting and specific tools used to pentest AWS, Azure, and GCP.

    Detecting and Responding to Incidents in the Cloud

    We'll dig into Incident Response (IR) and the Incidents Response lifecycle. You'll learn the skills and knowledge required to identify and respond to incidents. We'll guide you through the use of SOAR technologies and explore AWS, Azure, and GCP tools and functionality used for IR.

    Forensic Investigation in the Cloud

    We'll teach you all about the forensic investigation process used in cloud computing. Our training covers various cloud forensic challenges and data collection methods. We'll teach you the specific tools and methodologies used when investigating security incidents in Azure, AWS, and GCP implementations.

    Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in Cloud Environments

    You'll learn how specific Azure, AWS, and GCP tools and functionality can be used to monitor business continuity and the broader importance of business continuity and disaster recovery planning in incident response.

    Cloud Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

    We'll dive into governance frameworks, models, and regulations (ISO/IEC 27017, HIPAA, and PCI DSS) and explain the importance of designing and implementing governance frameworks in your cloud environments. We'll cover cloud compliance frameworks and explain how these can be implemented through AWS, Azure, and GCP.

    Standards, Policies, and Legal Issues in the Cloud

    We'll round out the class by discussing policies, legal issues, and standards associated with the cloud, including tools, features, and services required for enabling AWS, Azure, and GCP, compliance and auditing