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CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Training and Certification

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Training and Certification

$1,095.00 Per Enrollment

Price Includes:

Courseware, Exam Voucher, ‘Price & Quality Guarantee’ and 16 Hours In-Class Training

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ training and certification is for anyone tasked with understanding and implementing cloud technologies within an organization, from a business/policy point of view. This internationally recognized certification is vendor-neutral and is designed to empower business analysts and IT pro's to make decisions concerning the efficiency, cost, and risk of implementing cloud technologies.

As more and more operations move to the cloud, skills in this specialist area of IT are in high demand. If you’re looking to build your business development or IT development career, our CompTIA Cloud Esentials+ course gives both the technical knowledge and the practical skills you need to get there. CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ accreditation proves your ability to assist organizations with the implementation and management of Cloud solutions and technology.

Our Cloud Essentials class includes access to iLabs, provided by InfoSec Learning LLC



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    Get your CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Training and Certification training in our convenient IT training centers in Maryland or Virginia.

    Why Take Cloud Essentials+ Training in Maryland?


    With business acumen being one of the most significant skill gaps in the IT community, gaining certifications that demonstrate your ability to manage the practical, financial, and risk elements of implementing new technology, sets you apart from your peers when applying for jobs. TrainACE's CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ training class is one of these essential classes.

    Cloud Essentials+ is a vendor-neutral and internationally recognized accreditation. So, regardless of where you are in the world, or which technology a company uses, you can apply for cloud-based roles with confidence.

    As a foundational cloud certification, we recommend you take the Cloud Essentials+ certification prior to any other vendor-specific cloud certifications. This will ensure that you apply appropriate business-first principles to your project.

    Attaining Cloud Essentials+ certification proves your readiness for management-level positions as well as demonstrating an understanding of cloud computing fundamentals, and how migrating to and governing cloud technologies impacts business.

    TrainACE is a proud Platinum Partner to CompTIA with a long and trusted track-record of delivering high-quality training for must-have certifications like Cloud Essentials+. Our Cloud Essentials+ training methodology mixes hands-on as well as technical instruction so that you have the confidence to apply your newly attained Cloud knowledge in real-world situations, as well as pass the technical exam.

    TrainACE’s Cloud+ training will take you deeper into this increasingly important area of the industry. It will prepare you to create, manage, and secure cloud-based systems and processes within your organization.

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    What you need to know before taking Cloud+ training


    The CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ course is aimed at Business Analysts and IT Professionals looking to gain an overall understanding of the business implications of adopting cloud technologies. There are no specific pre-requisites for our Cloud Essentials+ training. Still, we recommend that candidates have at least six to twelve months of business analyst experience, preferably in an IT environment that operates cloud technologies.

    This class is for students who are preparing to take the CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certification exam CLO-002.


    The Significance of the Maryland Government Adoption of Cloud Technologies

    If you are working as an IT professional or business manager in Maryland, CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials certification is an incredibly useful skillset to have. In a state where government and commercial businesses are rapidly adopting cloud technologies, Cloud Essentials training will give you the managerial overview you need to make informed decisions regarding implementation and vendors.

    As early as 2017, the Chief Operating Officer of Maryland, Greg Urban, was overseeing the adoption of cloud technologies throughout the Maryland Government’s workforce. At the time, Maryland was in the process of deploying Google Apps for Government and other small cloud-based applications to make services more accessible, scalable, and to provide additional mobility to employees.

    The widespread adoption of Cloud technology by State and Federal Government in Washington DC and Maryland should be a considerable incentive for IT professionals. Cloud Essentials is an ideal certification for IT workers looking to progress into project management roles, or non-technical managers overseeing IT operations. Given that the Maryland State project was very much a shared public/private venture, the scope and impact on employment opportunities throughout Maryland should not be lost on IT professionals. 

    The Importance of Cloud Essentials Certification as a Decision-Making Tool

    CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials is a vendor-neutral overview of the critical elements of cloud technology adoption. This certification provides essential knowledge to anyone required to oversee the evaluation or implementation of cloud technologies in any organization.

    As was the case during the above-mentioned Maryland State deployment, there is more than just technical functionality to consider before and during the deployment of Cloud technologies.

    For example, you need to know how to define your company’s needs. Planning and implementing cloud technologies must be made based on solving a business problem rather than jumping on the bandwagon just because it is what other companies are doing. Maryland Government’s workforce was becoming increasingly mobile, and so they needed a solution that would enable employees to work from more than their office building. When it comes to focusing on needs, it is also important to remember that not all functions are best served through the cloud.

    Another example is the need to have a sound strategy for vetting and to work with commercial vendors. During the Maryland Government’s cloud implementation, Greg Urban describes how they worked with commercial companies. Rather than tell the vendor what they wanted built and how to do it, they explained to the vendor the problem they were trying to solve and gave the vendor room to come up with the best solution.

    Cloud Essentials training and certification will help you better understand the range of issues involved with Cloud implementation. As with all CompTIA programs, the training takes a vendor-neutral approach


    Exam and Certification Requirements:


    Current exam number CLO-002

    • Maximum of 90 questions
    • Time Length 90 minutes
    • Passing Score 750
    • Format Multiple Choice and Performance-Based Questions


    Who needs Cloud Essentials+ Certification in DC?


    CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Certification prepares you in the following job roles:

    • Business Analysts
    • Business Process
    • Owners
    • Marketing and Sales Roles who work with cloud products and service management
    • Managed Service
    • Provider Personnel
    • New Data Center Staff
    • Technical Support Staff


    What will I learn in this Cloud Essentials+ class?

    Lesson 1: Understanding Cloud Foundational Concepts

    • Explain cloud fundamentals, including explaining various deployment and service and deployment models
    • Demonstrate an understanding of cloud storage technologies and cloud networking concepts technologies
    • Summarize essential aspects of cloud design, including redundancy, high availability, and disaster recovery

    Lesson 2: Understanding of Cloud Environment Business Principles

    • Recognize and implement appropriate cloud assessments, including fundamentals such as gap analysis, benchmarking, or feasibility studies
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the financial aspects of engaging cloud vendors regarding billing, contracts, or expenses
    • Demonstrate essential business aspects of cloud vendor relation adoption
    • Demonstrate the advantages of using cloud services, such as Blockchain, Big Data, and IoT
    • About concepts such as hybrid or phased, compare and contrast approach to cloud migration such as hybrid or phrase such as hybrid or phased

    Lesson 3: Management and Technical Operations

    • Demonstrated fundamentals of operating in the cloud, including data optimization and data management
    • Understand the role of DevOps in cloud environments, like API integration or provisioning
    • Ability to review and report on financial expenditures related to cloud resources

    Lesson 4: Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Security for the Cloud

    • Comprehend risk management and response concepts related to cloud services
    • Explain standard policies and procedures
    • Understand the criticallity and impacts of cloud compliance, including regulatory concerns and international standards
    • Explain security concerns, measures, or concepts of cloud operations, including different types of threats or various security assessments