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It's rare these days for any job to not require some level of interaction with a computer, particularly Microsoft Office. Anyone who works with these or similar applications can benefit from a more thorough understanding of the tools they need to use. When we talk about end-user computer skills we are referring to all those useful applications that help make your presentation to the board shine, or your spreadsheet analysis more effective and useful.

Typically you will have dived into applications such as Microsoft Word with little or no training. You will have been able to cover your immediate needs by asking colleagues or searching the internet. But there will times when you need to use functionality in these tools that require more explanation and a better understanding. You may not use tools to set up mail merges or set unusual page margins for that special project, but knowing how to do this when you need it can make or break your day.

Mastering the skills that used in today's office workforce may include a thorough understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite. MS Office is commonly used for documenting and organizing information, delivering presentations, as well as processing data in offices environments. Whether you are new or simply need to expand your knowledge, there are classes to help you meet those objectives. From the clerical staff to Sales Representative, these skills help you operate more efficiently so you can be more productive.

Looking through job posting, you will find many employers require a working knowledge MS-Office.