IT Training and Cyber Security Training in Northern Virginia

Did you know that TrainACE and our Advanced Security branch offers IT training and Cyber Security training in Northern Virginia? TrainACE has a computer training facility located out of Loudoun County in Ashburn, Virginia. The Ashburn location offers our full catalog of courses and delivers the same high-quality training with unbeatable […]

Network Administrator Career Outlook

Network Administrator Job Outlook in Washington, DC

Did you know that a job as a Network Administrator is ranked #8 in the U.S. News and World Report’s Best Technology Jobs of 2016 and the demand is expected to grow by 8% between 2014 and 2024? As a Network Administrator you can expect a career that allows upward mobility and comes with […]

CompTIA Training

CompTIA Certification Renewal Policy

CompTIA realizes that it is important to keep your IT certifications up-to-date and show that your skills and knowledge are current in the ever-changing Information Technology industry. That is why they created the CompTIA Continuing Education (CE) program. The CompTIA certification renewal policy states that CompTIA certification holders (that earned their […]

How to Start an IT Career in the D.C. Area

You have a way with computers. You write code, you dabble in programs, and you troubleshoot issues for friends and family. You dream of turning your avocation into a vocation, but the path from casual IT resource to paid IT professional feels elusive. The truth is that the path to […]

Security+ Training Prerequisites

Security+ is a certification that can be acquired by people who want to get into a career in fields such as cyber security. There are a few different options such as working as freelance vendors in this industry or get a permanent job for a company who needs their computers […]

Security+ Exam Cost

The Security+ certificate provided by CompTia is something that major companies require for a wide variety of different vendors who work in the cyber security and tech sectors of their company. It doesn’t matter how much experience a worker has in these fields—if they don’t have this certificate they won’t […]

Security+ Training Cost

Security training is an important thing to know how to do in this day in age, as our computer networks are more vulnerable than ever to hackers and viruses, among many other technical threats. However, knowing how to properly secure a computer or a network of computers from these constant […]