Fairfax, Virginia IT Certification & Computer Training

Fairfax, Virginia has become one of the leading technology and government sectors on the east coast. Many companies located in surrounding communities use technology support provided by technology businesses in Fairfax. Since the technology sector is growing so rapidly, it is very important to have trained professionals in the technology market. Individuals interested in obtaining information technology training in Fairfax, Virginia have a great new option with our Ashburn location.

The many types of technology careers in the area include some of the following career paths: IT, telecommunications, biotech, aerospace, engineering, aviation and much more. With that in mind, TrainACE has recently opened a facility to serve the Fairfax, VA computer training market.

The IT world has a constantly increasing variety of career paths and specializations. There are thousands of different IT careers in Fairfax, VA alone. It is very important that any person interested in an IT career obtain the necessary training and certification to stay current in the market. TrainACE offeres dozens of different computer training classes to the Farifax area and most are focused on obtaining IT certification for specific fields. Training for certifications in MS Office 07, server administration, ethical hacking, and many others are all increasingly in demand certifications in the Fairfax area.

Telecommunication is also a very important career field in Virginia. Telecommunication melds technology of the past and future to carry businesses through the present. There are many courses available to help in the telecommunications field. A+ / Network+ and CCNA certification for networks can be a help for anyone in the Fairfax telecommunications field.

The aerospace and aviation sectors also need the help of qualified computer and technological professionals. Maintaining the systems that help keep track of airplanes and space vehicles is a job that relies heavily on the expertise of IT professionals in the Fairfax area. As aerospace becomes more and more automated it is more and more important for highly trained professionals to work in that field.

Engineering has always been a largely technological career. Virginia is becoming one of the best areas of engineering on the entire east coast. Some people are even referring to Virginia as the downtown of DC. There are thousands of engineering jobs available for people with technology training. Both private businesses and government agencies use people with technological skills. One certification that the government relies on is the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). These people hack into systems to find vulnerabilities. Companies that higher people to hack into their own systems to see how they can make them better are trying to reduce the chances that their systems get attacked from an outside source.

All of this training is well worth the cost and time it takes to complete them. Everyone is looking for an edge to increase their usefulness to a company. These specialized trainings can be the difference between a pay raise and loosing the job altogether. Information Technology training in Fairfax, Virginia is in high demand and TrainACE’s new location in Ashburn has been created to meet this need.

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