Flexible Scheduling

Our training packages are designed to fit your schedule, giving you the flexibility to fit around your work schedule and personal needs. Once you have signed up for a package, you have two years to complete all the training courses.

To schedule classes for the package you have signed up for, review the schedules available on the specific course pages on our website, and then call your program manager at (301) 220 2802 to book a seat.

Why Should You Learn Programming in DC?

You don’t have to plan on becoming a computer programmer to benefit from the Programming I training package. There are numerous reasons that you should learn programming. Here are just a few:

  • It teaches you how to think – Programming is essentially learning a new language. It improves skills like problem-solving, persistence, and troubleshooting.
  • It improves communication and collaboration skills – Projects are never created without collaboration. Whatever the project is, it’s likely that there are multiple team members who have different ideas, perspectives, and skills, and it often means working with an engineer. When you have some knowledge of programming, you may have a better, more realistic, view of quality, results, and the timeline for the project.
  • It can improve your career path – Whether you are working in the IT industry, in marketing, or some other field, knowing how to code can be the skill that gives you an advantage over other candidates for a job or promotion.

Is It Difficult to Learn Programming?

Learning computer programming, like learning any other new language, can be difficult. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to master, especially with the right instruction and practice. Programming can be thought of like baking – they both require following a specific set of instructions with no room for error. There is a considerable amount of information to learn, so programmers have to always stay up to date with new tools, new technologies, and new languages.

Like any other field, computer programming will be challenging for some people while it comes fairly easily to others. How quickly an individual can learn a programming language depends on a number of factors, including several personality attributes of the student. Some of the key personality traits that help programmers succeed include:

  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Good long- and short-term memory
  • Understanding of how things interrelate
  • Persistence with troubleshooting, fixing, and developing

If you don’t have these personality traits naturally, it doesn’t mean that you cannot learn to program. You can, especially with the right training. At TrainACE, we take the time to ensure that all of our students are given high-quality training, providing every individual with the tools they need to succeed.

Courses included

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • Introduction to C
  • Introduction to Java


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