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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Part 2

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Part 2

$275.00 Per Enrollment

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Need to bolster your case for funding, or make a good impression reporting your progress on a project to your bosses? Mastering  Microsoft Powerpoint can help you with that. Getting stuff done and having great ideas is important to your career. But being able to communicate your successes and ideas is what will separate you from the crowd.

Take our Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 Advanced training and learn the skills you need to tell your stories and impress your peers and bosses. In this course, our skilled instructors will guide you through advanced Powerpoint functionality including working with images, media files, animation, and photo albums. Exploring SmartArt, tables, and charts, and how to create action buttons and equations. Integrating other Microsoft Office files, and preparing a presentation for delivery in various formats.


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    Get your Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Part 2 training in our convenient IT training centers in Maryland or Virginia.

    Why Take Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Intermediate/Advanced training in Maryland?


    Microsoft Powerpoint is a powerful presentation and communication tool used widely throughout organizations around the world. Anyone who works in an office setting, particularly in the IT Industry can benefit from understanding how to use Powerpoint to create reports and make presentations.

    TrainACE's Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 Intermediate/Advanced training builds on your previous experience to teach you how to get the most out of the application. Mastering Powerpoint enables you to tell visual stories and communicate more clearly, whether you are sharing a weekly activity report with your team, or presenting new product ideas to your executive team.

    In Powerpoint 2013 Intermediate/Advanced our skilled instructors will teach you how to work with images, and how to include media files, animation, and a photo album in a presentation. Next, you’ll explore advanced tools for working with SmartArt, tables, and charts, and how to create action buttons and equations. We'll also teach you how to integrate other Microsoft Office files, embed and link external resources, and create hyperlinks. Then, you’ll learn to insert review comments, protect a presentation with a password, and prepare a presentation for delivery in various formats. Finally, you’ll customize application settings and toolbars, and create and apply custom themes.

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    What you need to know before taking Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Intermediate/Advanced training


    This course is suitable for anyone looking to learn or improve their Powerpoint skills. There are no specific prerequisites for this course (Our instructors will guide you through the training step by step). If you are starting from scratch with Powerpoint, you may get the most out of your training if you start with our Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 Basics training first.

    Exam and Certification Requirements:


    This course is one of several office courses that will prepare you for the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification

    What You Will Learn in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Intermediate/Advanced training

    Unit 1: Slide masters and transitions

    • Topic A: Slide masters
    • Topic B: Transitions and timings
    • Topic C: Custom slide shows

    Unit 2: Graphics and media

    • Topic A: Modifying graphics
    • Topic B: Media clips
    • Topic C: Animations
    • Topic D: Photo albums

    Unit 3: Customizing slide elements

    • Topic A: Working with SmartArt graphics
    • Topic B: Customizing tables
    • Topic C: Working with charts

    Unit 4: Action buttons and equations

    • Topic A: Action buttons
    • Topic B: Equations

    Unit 5: Integrating Microsoft Office files

    • Topic A: Applying content from a Word outline
    • Topic B: Embedding and linking content

    Unit 6: Finalizing and distributing presentations

    • Topic A: Reviewing and finishing
    • Topic B: Distributing presentations

    Unit 7: Customizing PowerPoint

    • Topic A: Application setting