Today, most companies and organizations with massive operations use SCADA systems for optimal oversight and control. SCADA is a remarkable computerized system that allows for precise, centralized control over a wide variety of subsidiary systems. Shorthand for Supervisory Control and Data acquisition, SCADA is a discipline that has transformed industrial plant management, municipal utility management and many other large-scale tasks.

SCADA is widely used to manage and optimize manufacturing and processing plants in many different industries. In fact, SCADA is used and promoted by some of the biggest corporations in the world. Additionally, SCADA encompasses the management of public infrastructure elements like power plants, water treatment plants and oil pipeline networks.

SCADA Training in Maryland, Washington D.C. or Northern Virginia

Delivery Style: 80% Hands-On, 20% Lecture

Classroom-Based Training Course Cost: $1,995 Per Enrollment

Course Length: 5 Days

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Topics & Concepts Covered in SCADA Training

  • SCADA Security Policy Development
  • Access Control
  • SCADA Protocol Security Issues
  • SCADA Security Standards and Best Practices
  • Securing Field Communications

Recommended Training Audience & Prerequisites

Individuals who have experience in information assurance are best suited to pursue a SCADA certification. However, please note that there are no prerequisites to earn a SCADA certification.