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Microsoft Excel 2016 Part 1

Microsoft Excel 2016 Part 1

$275.00 Per Enrollment

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Microsoft Excel 2016 is a widely used and versatile office productivity tool. Used for everything from maintaining basic schedules to complex financial data manipulation, anyone working in an office environment or IT can benefit from being able to use it.

Our Instructor-Led Training course will introduce the basics of spreadsheet terminology and the fundamental concepts of Microsoft Excel 2016.

You will learn how to identify Excel window components, navigate worksheets, and download templates. You will also be shown how to enter and edit text, values, and formulas, and how to save workbooks in the native Excel format, as well as in other formats and much more. 



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    Class Schedule

    • Greenbelt & Live-Online

      07/08/24 - 07/08/24

       Monday (8:30am-5pm)

    • Greenbelt & Live-Online

      08/05/24 - 08/05/24

       Monday (8:30am-5pm)

    • Greenbelt & Live-Online

      09/25/24 - 09/25/24

       Wednesday (8:30am-5pm)

    • Greenbelt & Live-Online

      11/04/24 - 11/04/24

       Monday (8:30am-5pm)

    Get your Microsoft Excel 2016 Part 1 training in our convenient IT training centers in Maryland or Virginia.

    Why Take MS Excel Part 1 Training in Maryland?

    Excel is a widely used tool for managing and manipulating a wide range of data types. TrainACE's Microsoft Excel 2016 Part 1 is an Instructor-Led Training course that will help students get started with this powerful office software.

    This Microsoft Excel 2016 course will familiarize students with spreadsheet terminology and the fundamental concepts of Microsoft Excel 2016, including identifying Excel window components, navigating worksheets, and downloading templates.

    Also, students will learn the basics of entering and editing text, values, and formulas, and how to save workbooks in the native Excel format, as well as in other formats. Students will learn how to move and copy data and formulas, how to determine absolute and relative references, and how to work with ranges, rows, and columns.

    Students will also learn how to use simple functions, and how to apply formatting techniques to worksheet data. They will create and modify charts, and work with graphics. Finally, they will review workbooks for spelling errors, modify page setup, and print worksheets.

    Audience and Prerequisites:

    This is an entry-level course that is ideal for anyone who is responsible for maintaining Excel spreadsheets, or who is looking to improve their data analysis and presentation skills.

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    What Are the Benefits of Excel 2016 Part 1 Training in DC?

    Given the vast array of government agencies, military, and multi-national organizations based in the Washington DC region, there is no shortage of roles for people with organizational and analytical skills. Microsoft Excel is a key tool used to organize, analyze and present all kinds of digital data. If you have these skills it will always enhance your resume.

    • No prerequisites or work experience required – This is an introductory course. It is great for beginners or professionals that need a better understanding of how to use spreadsheets.
    • Better job opportunities – While Microsoft Excel can be considered a basic tool, there are far fewer people who know how to use it really well. In our training, we'll teach you all the fundamentals you need to know to have a well-rounded understanding of the tool.
    • Higher earning potential – In this digital age, any skills you can add to your resume will help you stand out from the crowd during interviews.

    Exam and Certification Requirements:

    This course covers Microsoft Office Specialist exam objectives to help students prepare for the Excel 2016 Exam and the Excel 2016 Expert Exam.

    What will I learn in this Excel Part 1 class?

    Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Office Excel 2016

    • How to navigate the MS Excel user interface
    • Utilizing MS Excel commands
    • Creating and saving workbooks
    • Entering data into spreadsheet cells
    • Making use of Excel help

    Lesson 2: Performing Calculations

    • Creating formulas in worksheets
    • Adding functions
    • How to reuse functions and formulas

    Lesson 3: Modifying a Worksheet

    • Adding, removing, and adjusting cells, columns, and rows
    • Searching for data and how to replace it
    • Using proofing and research tools

    Lesson 4: Formatting a Worksheet

    • Applying formats to text
    • Applying formats to numbers
    • Aligning cell contents
    • Applying styles and themes
    • Applying simple conditional formatting
    • Creating and using templates

    Lesson 5: Printing Workbooks

    • Previewing and printing out workbooks
    • Setting up the page layout
    • Setting up headers and footers

    Lesson 6: Managing Workbooks

    • Managing worksheets
    • Managing workbook and worksheet views
    • Managing workbook properties