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Microsoft Office Training Vouchers

Microsoft Office Training Vouchers

$250.00 Per Enrollment

You know you are going to need Microsoft Office training for your team but aren't sure when individuals are going to be available for training, or exactly which Microsoft Office product they will need training on. How do you make good use of your training budget without committing to specific courses at specific times?

TrainACE Microsoft Office Training Vouchers are the answer:

Our flexible and cost-effective, Microsoft Office Training Vouchers can be purchased at any time, are valid for any of our Microsoft Office courses and can be used up to 24 months from the date of purchase. Purchasing levels are tiered, so the more you buy, the more you save.

Each Microsoft Office voucher may be redeemed for one student to attend any single day Microsoft office, Instructor-led training class. Vouchers include courseware and free course retake (*does not include exams)

    - Purchase 5-10 Training Vouchers for $250 each
    - Purchase 11-20 Training Vouchers for $225 each (Use Promo Code MSO11 at check out)
    - Purchase 21 or more training Vouchers for $200 each (Use Promo Code MSO21 at check out)

    *Vouchers must be used within 24 months of purchase*

    Save Time, Money and Headaches

    Take the headache out of planning your year's training. Our vouchers are transferable to anybody within your organization, so you can use them when you need them, for whomever you specify.

    One purchase significantly reduces delays, paperwork, and cost by giving the training manager control over the dissemination of vouchers at any time within those 24 months.

    Our Training Voucher Program allows organizations and agencies to purchase seats for TrainACE courses and examinations in bulk quantity at a significantly lower cost. Purchase 15 or more vouchers and save up to 40%.

    Get your vouchers now

    Click 'Purchase' to buy directly online (use promo codes for bulk discounts).

    Or for more information about your specific needs call us at (301) 220 2802 or complete the form below

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    For more information about your specific needs, call us at (301) 220 2802 or complete the form below: