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CCISO-Certified Chief Information Security Officer Training and Certification

CCISO-Certified Chief Information Security Officer Training and Certification

$3,395.00 Per Enrollment

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Courseware, Exam Voucher, ‘Price & Quality Guarantee’. If you fail your first attempt at the exam, TrainACE will pay for a second attempt.

Go beyond the technical and learn the real-world application, implementation and innovation. Our Certified Information Security Officer (CCISO) training in DC will teach you how to apply information security management principles from an executive management point of view, cultivating the information security leaders of tomorrow.

Created by IT certification leader EC-Council, this training is the definitive body of knowledge for current and aspiring CISOs. You’ll learn how to define, implement, manage and maintain an information security governance program and understand the enterprise program behind it.


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    Get your CCISO-Certified Chief Information Security Officer Training and Certification training in our convenient IT training centers in Maryland or Virginia.

    Why Take CCISO Certification?

    Go beyond the technical and learn real-world application, implementation and innovation with Certified Information Security Officer training. CCISO training teaches individuals how to apply information security management principles from an executive management point of view, cultivating the information security leaders of tomorrow. Created by IT certification leader EC-Council, this training is the definitive body of knowledge for current and aspiring CISOs. You’ll learn how to define, implement, manage and maintain an information security governance program and understand the enterprise program behind it. You'll learn all this from one of our convenient classrooms in Maryland or Virginia.

    What is CCISO Certification?

    The CCISO Certification is a credential that is awarded to candidates who pass the certification exam by the EC-Council. The Certified Chief Information Security Officer training and certification is geared toward IT professionals who are already working in the industry. This certification focuses on more than just the technical knowledge and skills of students; it also includes candidate’s ability to apply information security (IS) management principles from the point-of-view of executive management. The certification requires that candidates are proficient in five different domains, including:

    • • Governance and Risk Management
    • • Information Security Controls, Compliance, and Audit Management
    • • Security Program Management and Operations
    • • Information Security Core Competencies
    • • Strategic Planning, finance, Procurement, and Vendor Management

    Students who want to become CISO certified by taking the exam must be able to show that they possess five years of information security management work experience, including working in three of the above five domains.

    Is the CCISO Certification Worth It in Washington, DC?

    The information technology industry as a whole is understaffed, making IT and IS professionals very much in demand. There are currently more open IT positions in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia than there are qualified candidates to fill them. CISO-credentialed professionals are especially in demand because those candidates have demonstrated knowledge and skills in both the technical and executive management realms.

    In addition to the abundance of IT roles that are available, CCISO certified professionals earn a healthy salary – especially in the Washington, DC metro area. In fact, according to, Certified Chief Information Security Officers in that area earn an average of $249,370 per year, from companies like Barclay Simpson, Allied Universal, and The U.S. Department of Defense.

    What Does a CISO Do in Washington, DC?

    The Chief Information Security Officer is primarily the head of the IT department of a company. It’s considered an executive level position that is responsible for overseeing the creating, implementing, managing, and protecting a company’s technology assets and sensitive data. CISOs have to possess soft skills as well, including excellent leadership and communication skills.

    CISOs are responsible for overseeing various projects and high-level initiatives that involve the technology security aspects of the organization. It’s common for those in the CISO role to work with government agencies, law enforcement, and even the FBI on corporate security issues.


    What you need to know before taking CCISO training


    CCISO training is ideal for current and aspiring CISOs, as the information presented will be most relevant to their career paths.

    Popular job titles for certification holders include:

    • Chief Information Security Officer
    • Director of IT Security Compliance
    • Senior Director of IT Security Operations
    • VP of Information Security

    Exam and Certification Requirements:


    Individuals who wish to take the CCISO exam must complete the Exam Eligibility Application in order to prove they possess five years of information security management experience in three of the five CCISO Domains. Applicants who do not meet these requirements have the option of sitting for the EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) exam as part of the Associate CCISO Program.

    The exam is a 4-hour, 250-question multiple choice exam. Individuals are required to pass the exam with at least a 70 percent score. All students who take CCISO training at TrainACE will receive an exam voucher.


    Who needs CCISO Certification?


    Related Careers:

    • Chief Information Security Officer
    • Senior Security Analyst


    Skills and Concepts:

    • Governance (Compliance, Legal & Policy)
    • IS Management Controls & Auditing Management
    • Management — Projects & Operations (Projects, Technology & Operations)
    • Information Security Core Concepts
    • Strategic Planning & Finance
    Additional FAQs

    What is a CCISO and what does the CCISO certification entail?

    A CCISO, or Certified Chief Information Security Officer, is a top-level executive responsible for an organization's information security program. The CCISO certification, offered by EC-Council, validates the skills and knowledge required to lead and manage an enterprise information security program.

    To earn the CCISO certification, candidates must have a minimum of 5 years experience in 3 of the 5 CCISO domains. The certification process involves attending an approved CCISO training bootcamp and passing the CCISO exam, which covers governance, risk management, security controls, security program management, and core security concepts. The CCISO certification demonstrates mastery of both the technical and business aspects of being an effective CISO.

    Is the CCISO certification worth it in terms of career prospects and salary potential?

    Obtaining the CCISO certification can significantly boost your cybersecurity career and open doors to high-level executive roles. CISOs are in high demand as organizations prioritize information security. The average salary for a CISO in the U.S. is over $230,000 per year according to salary surveys.

    The CCISO certification proves you have the strategic, management and technical skills to lead an infosec program. It can lead to roles like Director of Information Security, Deputy CISO, Chief Security Officer and similar executive positions. For experienced security professionals looking to advance to the highest levels of the field, the CCISO is a highly valuable certification to pursue. It provides both career advancement opportunities and substantial salary potential.

    What are the key skills and knowledge areas covered in the CCISO certification?

    The CCISO certification validates expertise across 5 core domains:

    1. Governance, Risk, Compliance
    2. Information Security Controls and Audit Management
    3. Security Program Management & Operations
    4. Information Security Core Competencies
    5. Strategic Planning, Finance, Procurement, and Third-Party Management

    Within these domains, CISOs must master skills such as risk assessment and management, implementing security controls and audits, managing security operations, and strategic planning. Strong knowledge of core security concepts like network security, cryptography, application security and more is also required.

    Additionally, CISOs need business and leadership skills to manage teams, collaborate with other executives, and align security with business goals. The CCISO covers the unique blend of technical, management and strategic capabilities required to be a successful CISO.

    What are the requirements and process to earn the CCISO certification?

    To be eligible for the CCISO certification, you must have 5 years of experience in at least 3 of the 5 CCISO domains. This experience must be verified through an exam eligibility application process.

    Candidates must then complete an approved CCISO training course or bootcamp. This training provides in-depth coverage of the CCISO body of knowledge. After completing training, candidates can register for the CCISO exam.

    The CCISO exam is 2.5 hours long and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. A passing score of 72% is required to earn the certification. The exam is administered through EC-Council's online exam portal.

    Once the exam is passed, the CCISO certification is awarded. Maintaining the certification requires earning 120 continuing education credits every 3 years. Overall, earning the CCISO takes a significant commitment of time and effort, but it validates the skills needed to succeed in a challenging CISO role.

    What are some tips for preparing for the CCISO exam and becoming a successful CISO?

    Preparing for the CCISO exam requires dedicated studying across the 5 certification domains. Some tips for exam prep include:

    • Thoroughly review the CCISO body of knowledge and course materials
    • Join online study groups and discussions with other CCISO candidates
    • Practice with sample test questions to gauge your readiness
    • Focus your studies on areas where you have less experience
    • Take advantage of training bootcamps or online courses

    To grow into a successful CISO, it's important to gain broad experience across different security disciplines and develop both technical and business skills. Look for opportunities to lead projects, collaborate with different departments, and understand the business context of security.

    Staying on top of the latest threats, technologies and best practices is also critical for CISOs. Pursue continuing education, attend conferences, and network with other security leaders. With the right preparation and experience, the CCISO certification can launch you into a rewarding career leading security at the highest levels of an organization.

    Certification Information

    • CCISO (Certified Chief Information Security Officer) certification is designed for senior-level security executives to validate their expertise in information security governance and management.
    • The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is the industry gold standard, with over 150,000 credential holders globally.
    • Over 80,000 information technology and security professionals hold the CompTIA Security+ certification, validating their skills in risk management, security architecture, and operational security.

    Training Programs

    • EC-Council offers over 30 cybersecurity and IT certification programs including the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) training and exam.
    • TrainACE is a global training provider for cybersecurity certifications like CISSP, CISM, CCSP and more.
    • CompTIA offers vendor-neutral IT certifications like Network+, Security+ and Cloud+ to help professionals prove hands-on skills.

    These statistics highlight some of the most prominent cybersecurity roles, certifications, and training programs to consider for building a career in the field.

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