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CCNP Enterprise (ENCOR + ENARSI) Training

CCNP Enterprise (ENCOR + ENARSI) Training

$7,290.00 Per Enrollment

Price Includes:

Courseware, 2 Exam Vouchers, ‘Price & Quality Guarantee’ and 80 Hours In-Class Training

CCNP Enterprise Training Combo - Hands-on classes to prepare you for the CCNP Enterprise certification exams, and the real world.

TrainACE's CCNP Enterprise combined training class is designed to fully prepare you for the two exams you will need to pass to gain the Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification. Our hands-on approach will give you the skills you need to pass the tests, as well as the confidence you need to apply your new skills in the work environment. 

TrainACE Cisco Lab - CCNA & CCNP Training Routers and Switches

Your CCNP Enterprise training is convenient to Metro DC. It will be conducted in our dedicated Cisco lab, with live Cisco equipment. So rather than learning by PowerPoint, or a virtual simulation, you'll be trying out your new skills on real equipment.

CCNP Enterprise is one of six technology tracks offered by Cisco at the professional level. It focuses on proving your skills in installing and maintaining enterprise network solutions.

Our CCNP Enterprise Combo includes training for ENCOR, (the required core exam) and the routing and services concentration exam ENARSI.

ENCOR is the core (and required) exam for CCNP Enterprise. It tests your foundational knowledge in setting up core enterprise network technologies such as dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture, network assurance, virtualization, infrastructure, security, and automation.

ENARSI expands on your ENCOR fundamentals by focusing on building your knowledge and skills in advanced routing and infrastructure technologies. At the end of the training, you will be able to install, set up, manage and troubleshoot an enterprise network

You'll be trained by our experienced Cisco instructors who have a minimum of the CCNP certification as well as many years of industry experience.  Our primary Cisco instructors are CCIE certified and often have accreditation from other certification authorities including Microsoft, EC-Council, CompTIA.

In addition to in-class training for individuals, TrainACE offers tailored training solutions to corporate and government clients. We can tailor CCNP classes to your specific needs and run them at our offices or your facilities.

Top tip! If you haven't taken your CCNA certification yet, or need to refresh your skills before taking on CCNP, then check out our CCNA + CCNP Training Combo. This combined training course will give all you need to pass CCNA, CCNP ENCOR, and CCNP ENARSI certification at a much-reduced price.


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    Get your CCNP Enterprise (ENCOR + ENARSI) Training training in our convenient IT training centers in Maryland or Virginia.

    Why Take CCNP Enterprise Training in Washington DC?

    If you are looking at taking CCNP training you are more than likely aware of the vast adoption of Cisco equipment throughout the world. With over 70% of the world's computer networks running Cisco, there is a broad range of opportunities to progress your career. Once you have your CCNA or equivalent experience, the next logical step is to take CCNP training and certification.

    Cisco certifications are among the most respected in the IT world and professionals with them can command high salaries and a wide variety of interesting roles. Getting your CCNP certification will take you a long way.

    Our Cisco CCNP Enterprise combined class includes expert instructor-led training using live routers and switches. This ensures that not only do you have the knowledge to pass the test but you have the confidence to work with Cisco equipment in real-world situations.

    At the end of the training, you will have advanced knowledge and experience working with Cisco networks and how to implement routing and services solutions.

    This CCNP Enterprise training near Washington DC is part of the Operate and Maintain, Oversee and Govern, Protect and Defend, and Securely Provision NICE Cybersecurity Workforce categories. It will help prepare you to work in the cyber defense infrastructure support, network services, cybersecurity management, vulnerability assessment and management, or systems architecture NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework specialty area.


    What you need to know before taking CCNP Enterprise training


    Our CCNP Enterprise Combo training doesn't have specific prerequisites but it is recommended that prospective students have 3-5 years of experience working with enterprise networking solutions. 

    If you are new to Cisco you should review our Cisco CCNA training, which will help you understand the fundamental of network computing before you try CCNP level studies.

    Exam and Certification Requirements:

    • - Required Exam 350-401 ENCOR lasting 120 minutes
    • - Required Exam is the 300-410 ENARSI lasting 120 minutes


    Who needs CCNP Enterprise Certification in Washington DC?


    TrainACE's CCNP classes are ideal for people in or preparing for job roles including:

    • - Mid-level network engineers
    • - Network administrators
    • - Network support technicians
    • - Help desk technicians
    • - Enterprise network engineers
    • - System engineers
    • - System administrators

    How Long are the Cisco CCNP Enterprise Classes?

    TrainACE’s CCNP Enterprise certification training consists of two 40 hour classes. You can choose from weekday, evening or weekend classes to suit your schedule. We pack a lot into every class, covering all the essentials, and more, to prepare you for the test. We have many students come to us who have tried online or self-study for these certifications because our classes were a much better way for them to keep on track and to cover all the necessary topics in detail enough to pass the exam.

    How Hard are CCNP ENCOR Classes?


    The Cisco CCNP Enterprise combo training is for intermediate to mid-level candidates. If you have three to five years of experience in working with enterprise networking (particularly Cisco networks) this class is achievable.

    This class builds on experience and skills learned and tested in the foundational CCNA certification.


    Skills and Concepts:

    For a list of concepts and skills learned in each of these training classes see the individual class pages:

    Additional FAQs

    What is the difference between the CCNP ENCOR and ENARSI exams?

    The CCNP Enterprise certification requires passing two exams - the core ENCOR exam and one concentration exam, such as ENARSI. The ENCOR (Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies) exam focuses on your knowledge of enterprise infrastructure including dual-stack architecture, virtualization, network assurance, security, and automation.

    The ENARSI (Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services) exam concentrates on advanced routing and infrastructure services. It validates your skills with Layer 3 technologies, VPN services, infrastructure security and services, and infrastructure automation. So ENCOR provides the core foundation while ENARSI builds on that with more advanced enterprise networking topics.

    What topics are covered in a Cisco CCNP ENCOR and ENARSI training course?

    A comprehensive Cisco CCNP Enterprise ENCOR and ENARSI training course will teach you the skills needed to design, implement, configure, and troubleshoot complex enterprise networks. The ENCOR part covers core enterprise technologies like routing, switching, wireless, security, and network automation.

    The ENARSI portion dives deeper into advanced infrastructure services and routing, including advanced addressing and routing solutions, advanced enterprise campus networks, WAN, network services, and software-defined access (SDA). Hands-on labs allow you to practice configuring and troubleshooting these technologies in real-world scenarios. The course prepares you for both the ENCOR and ENARSI exams required for CCNP Enterprise certification.

    How can the CCNP Enterprise certification benefit my IT career?

    Earning the Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification validates your skills to design, implement, and troubleshoot enterprise wired and wireless networks. It proves you have expertise in core areas like routing, switching, security, and automation, as well as advanced knowledge of infrastructure services and routing.

    The CCNP Enterprise is one of the most in-demand and well-respected certifications for networking professionals. It qualifies you for jobs like network engineer, systems engineer, network administrator, and technical solutions architect. CCNP-certified professionals often earn over $100,000 per year on average. The certification provides career flexibility and advancement opportunities as you deepen your skills across core and advanced enterprise networking technologies.

    Do I need to take the ENCOR and ENARSI exams at the same time to get CCNP certified?

    No, you can take the ENCOR and ENARSI exams in any order and with any amount of time between them to earn your CCNP Enterprise certification. Many people choose to take the ENCOR exam first since it covers the core topics that ENARSI builds upon.

    Once you pass one of the exams, you have 3 years from that date to pass the other exam and earn your full CCNP certification. During that time, you will hold the Cisco Certified Specialist certification for the exam you passed, either Enterprise Core or Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation. Taking the exams separately allows you to study and master one set of topics at a time on your path to CCNP.

    What are the prerequisites for taking a CCNP ENCOR and ENARSI training course?

    While there are no formal prerequisites for CCNP-level courses or exams, you should have a strong foundation in networking concepts and experience before attempting the CCNP Enterprise certification.

    Most students pursuing CCNP Enterprise have already earned their CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification or have equivalent knowledge from 3-5 years of networking job experience. You should be comfortable with network fundamentals, basic routing and switching, and common protocols before diving into the more advanced topics in CCNP Enterprise courses. However, the training will review the fundamentals before progressing to the advanced topics covered on the ENCOR and ENARSI exams.