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Developing On AWS

Developing On AWS

$2,025.00 Per Enrollment

Price Includes:

Courseware and 3 Day Official AWS Online Instructor-Led Class (with the option to attend online class at our Greenbelt office)

In this course, you learn how to use the AWS SDK to develop secure and scalable cloud applications. Explore how to interact with AWS using code and also learn about key concepts, best practices, and troubleshooting tips.



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    Class Schedule

    • Live-Online Only

      04/23/24 - 04/25/24

       Tue-Thu (9:30am-5pm)

    • Live-Online Only

      05/28/24 - 05/30/24

       Tue-Thu (9:30am-5pm)

    Get your Developing On AWS training in our convenient IT training centers in Maryland or Virginia.


    This AWS Developer training near Washington DC is part of the Operate and Maintain NICE Cybersecurity Workforce category. It will help prepare you to work in the systems administration NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework specialty area.

    Why Take Developing On AWS Training?

    Learn to develop with AWS code using the AWS SDK. We'll teach you how to develop secure and scalable applications on the cloud.

    This is a second tier AWS course. Unless you have at least 6 month experience with Amazon cloud services we strongly recommend you take the AWS Essentials course first. 


    Course Objectives

    This Developing on AWS course teaches you how to: 

    • - Set up the AWS SDK and developer credentials for Java, C#/.NET, Python, and JavaScript
    • - Interact with AWS services and develop solutions by using the AWS SDK
    • - Use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for service authentication
    • - Use Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon DynamoDB as data stores
    • - Integrate applications and data by using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), and AWS Step Functions
    • - Use Amazon Cognito for user authentication
    • - Use Amazon ElastiCache to improve application scalability
    • - Use containers in the development process
    • - Leverage the CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications on AWS

    Delivery Method

    This course is delivered through live, online, instructor-led training,and hands-on labs.


    Hands-On Activity

    This course allows you to test new skills and apply knowledge to your working environment through a variety of practical exercises.



    What You Need to Know Before Taking Developing On AWS

    We recommend that attendees of this course have the following prerequisites:

    • In-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language
    • Working knowledge of core AWS services and public cloud implementation

    Exam and Certification Requirements:

    This training course will prepare you for the AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam and certification.


    Who Needs Developing On AWS Certification?

    This course is intended for:

    • - Intermediate-level software developers


    What will I learn in this Developing On AWS class?

    This course covers the following concepts:

    • - Introduction to AWS
    • - Introduction to Developing on AWS
    • - Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management
    • - Developing Storage Solutions with Amazon S3
    • - Developing Flexible NoSQL Solutions with Amazon DynamoDB
    • - Developing Solutions with AWS Lambda
    • - Developing Solutions with Amazon API Gateway
    • - Developing Solutions with Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS
    • - Developing Event-Driven Solutions with AWS Step Functions
    • - Caching Information for Scalability
    • - Getting Started with Containers
    • - Developing Secure Solutions
    • - Deploying Applications