Why EC-Council’s CCISO Training is the Best of the Best

Target. Neiman Marcus. Home Depot. All three of these giant retailers have fallen victim to high-profile security breaches. What went wrong? Likely, there were security holes big enough in these companies’ IT departments that essentially allowed cyber thieves to squirm through. It’s no wonder then, that businesses belonging to diverse […]

What’s up with Security+?

If you’ve started thinking about getting in the IT industry, chances are you’ve probably heard about the Security+ certification. Consequently, you’ve probably also asked yourself a few questions as well. What is the Security+ certification? Who is CompTIA? And why would a certification be the swaying factor for a job […]

How to Get CISA Certified and why it’s Worth It

A CISA, or Certified Information Systems Auditor, certification is recognized by almost all employers across a large variety of industries. The CISA certification is best described as an all-inclusive information systems audit qualification. The certification requires an applicant to be knowledgeable about information technology and general aspects of business. While […]

TrainACE 2014 Cyber Security Survey

Ever wondered what other businesses are doing to protect their organizations from cyber threats? Well, no need to wonder any longer…we’ve done all the work for you! We recently conducted a survey of over 200 people within the field regarding the cyber security practices in their workplace, and discovered some […]

Help?!?! Which New Look Suits us Best?

Advanced Security has been providing the global community with elite cyber security training since 2001. We are dedicated to providing top-grade training for our students. We want to ensure that our students receive a positive learning experience. Because our students are so important to us, we value your opinions and […]

Website Security Best Practices

As corporations get larger and need to expand their marketing efforts, many organizations look towards the Internet. With millions of people online all at one time, it seems like the marketing capability is endless. But with the internet, things can get real messy, real fast. Malicious “hackers and crackers” are […]

Is TrueCrypt now unsafe?

Do you use TrueCrypt? You might not want to now. It seems as though the main SourceForge page for TrueCrypt has been defaced, though it might just be legitimate. How do I know? The first line on the page reads as follows: “WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it […]

Computer Forensics Evidence Collection

Do you understand the impact of digital technology on business? Once stored entirely on paper, business information, business accounts and business activities are now pretty much all in digital form. While this makes the organization and management of company information easier, the move to all things digital also poses a […]

Using OpenSSL? Heartbleed Bug may be affecting you now.

Security researchers have recently discovered a major vulnerability in widely used encryption software that could potentially cause widespread, severe damage to the private data of millions of people around the globe. OpenSSL is a cryptologic software that used by millions of websites throughout the internet to encrypt communications between users […]

Take Our Cyber Security Survey – Win An iPad

With the recent surge of data breaches at major corporations, several businesses are revisiting their cyber security infrastructure. Are the current methods in place strong enough to safeguard sensitive data? Or is there an immediate need to amend the network? While all businesses strive to protect their data, their practices […]