Since 2001, TrainACE has been in the business of providing high-quality IT training to students across the world. 


Instructor Led Training (ILT) Exam Pass Guarantee

Take any general IT, ILT certification class at a TrainACE location with a 100% attendance rate and take the final exam within 15 calendar days of the final day of your class, and become entitled to a course retake if you fail your certification exam on the first try. All students who meet this criteria will be issued access to the online version of the course which you must complete in its entirety no later than 15 days from initial access of the online course. If you for some reason you fail the exam again on this attempt, we will provide a seat in the next available ILT class. Please note that you must take the exam no later than 5 days from that class completion, if you fail that attempt we will refund the cost of the class minus expenses (may include books and registration fee).

Online General IT Class Satisfaction Guarantee

All online TrainACE classes are satisfaction guaranteed. In the case that a student is not satisfied with their online learning experience, we will provide the student with a second, related training class at no cost to the student, providing that the class is of equal or lesser value within 30 days of original purchase. Official dissatisfaction notification must be submitted in writing (minimum of 250 words with explanation/reasons for dissatisfaction)  to TrainACE through your account manager. The dissatisfaction notice will be reviewed by a team consisting of TrainACE management as well as one Peer Evaluator.

*Please note that all group negotiated deals, corporate deals and Advanced Security classes are excluded from this guarantee