VMware Certification Training

VMware is a publicly held company specializing in virtualization solutions across a wide range of technology environments. They help their customers limit capital requirements and operating expenses while strengthening security and promoting environmentally friendly business practices.  Our VMware training is focused on providing in-depth skills and industry-recognized certification for their products through a hands-on, application based learning program.

What is Virtualization

Virtualization allows a single computer to do the job of a group of computers. VMware supports the sharing of the resources of a single computer across multiple environments. VMware providers virtual servers and other platforms that allow remote support with no location or geographic constraints. The benefits of VMware Virtualization are: lower expenses, energy savings, increased access and availability of support / system management resources, better desktop management, increased security and more efficient disaster recovery.


This training course can be taken to help prepare for the VMware VCP certification. Upon completion of this training course, you will have the skill set needed to administer a vSphere infrastructure for an organization of any size.

vSphere Classroom-Based Training Cost: $4,595 Per Enrollment. Voucher included.