Computer Training in Richmond, VA

Throughout the past decade, Richmond, VA has slowly become the home of many of the country’s top information technology firms. In fact, some people like to refer to Richmond as the East Coast’s version of Silicon Valley. But Richmond, VA is more than just IT. The economy is also driven by several top financial institutions and law firms.

So, what does this mean for average workers? It means it’s vital for them to have regular computer training so that they can keep up with the rapid changes that have become the hallmark of our computer driven world. At the very least, they basic skills in Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access 2007, and other commonly used computer applications. Basic computer training is necessary to keep employees efficient in Richmond’s competitive business landscape.

IT Certification Classes in Richmond

For firms looking to increase the productivity of their information technology staff, these basic skills won’t suffice. Working in an IT department requires advanced skills and certifications in MCITP-SA, A+/Network+, Security+, and Linux+ just to name a few. Since most IT companies in Richmond won’t even look at a resume if the perspective employee doesn’t have the certifications to back up the knowledge and experience they claim, it becomes even more important to keep existing employees up to speed with proper computer training and current certifications.


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With so much of Richmond’s economy centered around computer-based businesses, it’s important for technology workers to receive the computer education needed to excel in their jobs and create the most benefit for their employers. That’s where the TrainACE can help. Our custom IT training programs offer companies in Richmond, VA the ability to train their employees, on-site, in groups with instruction that is tailored to a firm’s specific needs. From the basic courses for entry-level office workers to detailed training in various IT courses, TrainACE has the programs necessary to provide employees with the skills needed to excel in their positions.

Whether you’re a large company looking to train your employees on the latest computer technologies or you’re small business looking to bolster your team’s IT skill set, TrainACE can customize a curriculum to meet your needs and deliver a qualified and experienced instructor to your doorstep for the best in class computer training in Richmond, Virginia area.

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