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Arlington, VA Information Technology Sector

Arlington, VA is a central component of the Washington metropolitan area. At one point, Arlington County was actually a part of D.C., but it was given to Virginia in the late 1800’s. With such close ties to D.C., it’s only natural that many Arlington residents work for the government and government contractors.

But becoming employed by the government or one of its contractors demands workers have the computer skills required to perform their jobs effectively. For non-technical jobs, workers are typically required to understand Windows Vista, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft programs that are used on a daily basis. Someone lacking these computer skills, could have trouble finding employment in Arlington since most jobs are tied to the government.

Arlington Computer Training & IT Certifications

Computer Training Classes for Government Workers
If you’re a motivated IT Professional in the Arlington area and you need GSA Contracted training to meet your advancement requirements TrainACE is the school for you. TrainACE is an industry leading, GSA Contract holding computer training school. Find your class and get more information today.

Group IT Training in Arlington, Virginia

Custom On-Site Computer Training
If you have a group of employees that needs IT training we will come to you. As an Arlington based business, you know how competitive the local market is. One of the best ways to maintain and increase your competitive advantage is to provide your employees with the training they need to be more productive and thorough in their every day activities. Contact us for more information.

Common IT Certifications in Arlington, Virginia

The options for computer training in Arlington are minimal even though the area is home to many government IT jobs. While all IT jobs require essentially the same technical skill set, the government’s demands are typically more unique. Government IT agencies and contractors often require PMP, MCITP-SA, CCNA, CDNA, A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications from their technical workers and that’s why TrainACE established a new IT certification facility in Northern Virginia. The government works with the brightest and the best in the IT field, so it’s crucial that applicants have the right certifications to create an attractive resume.

All of this means one thing—Arlington workers looking to be employed with the government need to receive quality computer education. But most computer training programs don’t offer the courses needed to meet the government’s IT demands.

Thankfully, TrainACE has customized training programs specifically for government IT workers. The school holds a GSA contract, meaning they’re certified to train government employees in the latest technologies. For anyone looking for an IT career in the nation’s capital, TrainACE is the place to get the proper training.

Whether you’re a government agency looking for employee training or a contractor who needs to enhance their resume, TrainACE has all the courses you desire.


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