IT Certification Training Classes in Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is also home to many advanced information technology companies where the minimum requirements for employment are even higher. Depending on the position, government employees and contract IT agents may need to be certified in one or more of the following areas of specialization:

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Computer Training in Alexandria, Virginia for Govt. Agencies and Contractors

The federal government only hires the most qualified workers, and it’s vital to have the certifications necessary for employment qualification in the highly competitive Alexandria Virginia area. But finding a school that offers government IT training can be challenging. Government agencies have unique requirements that aren’t taught at many computer education schools. Professional schools offering computer training in Alexandria, VA are non-existent, so that’s where TrainACE can help. We are an IT training school with a GSA contract and highly skilled instructors that can provide on-site certification training for your staff or best in class computer training at either of our facilities. In laymen’s terms, TrainACE is qualified to offer courses for individuals looking to do IT work for government agencies or customized IT classes for government contractor firms and federal government offices that are required to earn certain levels of certification.

The instructors at TrainACE understand exactly what these government agencies are looking for and they give their students the training they need to qualify for jobs in the Alexandria area. Whether you’re a Federal employee looking to enhance your skills or a local citizen who wants to get started on the path to becoming a government IT worker, TrainACE has a curriculum to match your needs.

Located just 6 miles south of downtown Washington, D.C., Alexandria, VA is an independent city that’s home to many government workers & institutions. With the nation’s capital being so close, government jobs are crucial to the well-being of Alexandria’s economy. Many of the approximately 95,000 workers in Alexandria work in high technology positions for the federal government and its contractors.

These positions often require an employee to have a computer education background. Even those who aren’t working directly for the government need to have acceptable skills in Microsoft Office Suite and other widely used computer applications. Without these skills, it can be difficult to find a white-collar job in the Alexandria market.

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