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How the RHCSA Certification Relates to the RHCT

The RHCSA was created to replace the Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) program. The reason for the change in name was the fact that technicians of this level were highly qualified and went on to become system administrators. They apply for jobs as system administrators and are typically referred to as such.

System administrators who had obtained a certification from another program often earned less than those who had earned an RHCT. For this reason, Red Hat determined that referring to people who had earned this certificate as “technicians” was underselling their talent, and didn’t represent what the certification truly stood for. Nevertheless, because of the great deal of research conducted by Red Hat, the RHCSA program is not identical to the former RHCT program.

Some of the skills that were once included under the RHCE program are now included under the RHCSA program, and vise versa. This makes the goals of the two programs more clearly defined. In order to earn an RHCSA, an applicant needs to display specific skills as a Linux administrator. The testing process is hands-on, and takes half a day to complete. The exam can either be bought on its own, or it can be bought in combination.

Topics Covered:

  • Prepare for Red Hat Hands-On Certifications
  • Virtual Machines and Automated Installations
  • Fundamental Command-Line Skills
  • RHCSA Level Security Options
  • The Boot Process
  • Linux Filesystem Administration
  • Package Management
  • User Administration
  • RHCSA Level Administration Tasks
  • A Security Primer
  • System Services and SELinux
  • Network Services: DNS, SMTP, iSCSI, NTP
  • Apache Web Server
  • The Samba File Server
  • NFS Secured with Kerberos
  • The MariaDB Server


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