Use Social Engineering and Social Manipulation to perform advanced attacks on your targets for intelligence gathering and exploitation.

Approximately 216 million people were victims to some form of Social Engineering attack in 2013. Without proper education and training, even the most hardened networks can fall victim to attacks of this nature, because the target is not your computers, it’s your people. Don’t let your organization be a part of that statistic.

Classroom Based / Instructor-Led

Delivery Style: 75% Hands-on 25% Lecture

The Social Engineering and Social Manipulation training class is a 3 day course which we typically hold at our Greenbelt, MD location. If you would be traveling in from out-of-town, please let us know as we have a special package for that.

This is a 24 hour course.

Social Engineering and Social Manipulation Classroom Based Training Pricing
Regular Enrollment: $2,295 Per Enrollment
Early Bird Registration (20 business days prior to class start w/ payment or P/O): $2,195
GSA Pricing Available (inquire for that please)

This is an Advanced Security course. You must meet specific prerequisites in order to enroll in this course. Please speak to your account manager for more details.

Social Engineering and Manipulation Training Schedule

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Custom Training For Your Organization

Does your organization have special training needs? Let us know! We'll put together a customized training course proposal targeted to the specific needs of your staff. Select your ideal start-date, your location preference and your equipment requests and we will gladly compose a training plan for your company quickly and free of any obligation.

Topics & Concepts Covered in Social Engineering and Manipulation Training

Our Social Engineering and Social Manipulation training is an intense, 3-day, hands-on course that allows you as the defender to step into the shoes of a hacker and perform social engineering attacks to leverage information you gain for economic or political gain. The course will follow a single scenario from initial research to penetration with exercises to demonstrate the possibilities that social engineering can give the attacker and give you a better perspective on what to protect and how to protect it.

In this class you will be researching targets through social media, staging fake phone calls to gather information, setting up fake websites that pertain to your targets interests, and finally enticing them to surf to your malicious website so that you can gain access to their network and eventually their sensitive data.

Recommended Training Audience and Prerequisites

This class is intended for cyber security professionals who have at least a baseline understanding of penetration testing and security policy principles. Approximately two years of experience in cyber security or Certified Ethical Hacker certification (or comparable cert) is highly recommended.