Post exploitation is what things to do after the fact, when you have already broken into (hacked) a system. The three main goals of this course are to teach the attendees the steps of Information Gathering, Backdooring and then Covering Up Your Steps.

We offer Post Exploitation training at our two locations in Greenbelt, MD and Ashburn, VA. 

Post Exploitation Class Layout: 1 day / 8 hours

Class Pricing: $100

This is an Advanced Security course. You must meet specific prerequisites in order to enroll in this course. Please speak to your account manager for more details.

Post-Exploitation Training Schedule

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Topics & Concepts Covered in Post Exploitation Hacking Include:

  • Information Gathering – In this we use system specific tools or tools that are brought over to that system to get general information about the system and its users.
  • Backdooring – We set up a listener shells which allow you access to the system whenever access is needed. This allows you to collect further information at different times in the future. These listener shells can usually be covered up easily, depending on the system.
  • Covering Steps – The most important part, you don’t want the system administrators to know you were there in the first place, so deleting logs and putting confusing timestamps on things will make it harder for them to know you were ever there, much less pinpoint you.