Every aspiring cyber security professional needs to start somewhere. There is no better place to begin to climb the hacking and security ladder than with our two network security fundamentals training classes. Choose one or both of our fun, engaging and hands-on network security fundamentals classes. These classes are available as self-paced, pre-recorded online, so you can take them at your own convenience and from anywhere.

Network Security Fundamentals Training Class Options

Class 1 – Network Security Essentials
(31 hours)
All the basics of network security are rolled up into this condensed, exciting class that will prepare you for the world of cyber security. Cover topics such as TCP/IP network protocols, threats, vulnerable access points, securing applications and the top tools to help harden a network.

Class 2 – Firewalls & VPN’s 
(25 hours) 
This class covers the ins and outs of the two most key technologies that protect networks these days, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Firewalls. Learn rules, fundamentals, filters, design and deployment strategies and secure remote access.

In both of these self-paced online Network Security Fundamentals classes you will have access to:

  • Interactive & explanatory instruction & lectures
  • User-friendly interface with comprehensive course curriculum
  • Step-by-step instructional video with attacks & security
  • Live, virtual lab environment for you to experiment on real equipment as you learn*