With our self-paced online Managing Cyber Security Threats training, you’ll cover the basics of information systems security, gain hands-on practice with countermeasures against malicious code and network attacks, and port scanning. You’ll also learn how to use the AVG antivirus software to identify malware, disable unnecessary services and then document the default configurations of a Windows workstation internal firewall.

In order to be successful in this online training class, it is recommended that individuals be familiar with networking and common forms of malware.

Managing Cyber Security Threats Primary Objectives include:

  • Introduction to Systems Security Fundamentals
  • Application of Security Countermeasures to Mitigate Malicious Attacks
  • Mitigation of Risk & Threats from Attacks & Malicious Code

In this self-paced online Managing Cyber Security Threats class you will have access to:

  • Interactive & explanatory instruction & lectures
  • User-friendly interface with comprehensive course curriculum
  • Step-by-step instructional video with attacks & security
  • Live, virtual lab environment for you to experiment on real equipment as you learn*

Check out our online training walkthrough video!

*Labs are optional