Are you prepared to lock down your Linux system in anticipation of attack?

In this self-paced, online training course, we’ll teach you how students will get hands-on training that will teach them how to configure and manage security on Linux systems. Students will cover everything from basic security controls, user management and security and Linux filesystem and services. At the end of the course, students will possess a solid understanding of the Red Hat Enterprise, Ubuntu, Fedora and CentOs, earning them a certificate of completion in Linux security.

In order to be successful in this online training class, it is recommended that individuals have at least 6 to 12 months of experience supporting Linux servers and clients.

Linux Security Training Primary Objectives include:

  • Identify threats to the Linux OS and additional open source applications
  • Configure the basic settings to secure a Linux platform
  • Examine the flexibility of multiple options with filesystem settings and file permissions and how granular control isolates data access
  • Explain user account management and the principle of least privilege and secure the system and its data.
  • Describe security solutions to mitigate vulnerabilities in Linux services and the appropriate steps to mitigate the risks.

In this self-paced online Linux Security Training class you will have access to:

  • Interactive & explanatory instruction & lectures
  • User-friendly interface with comprehensive course curriculum
  • Step-by-step instructional video with attacks & security
  • Live, virtual lab environment for you to experiment on real equipment as you learn*

Check out our online training walkthrough video!

*Labs are optional