In our self-paced online Ethical Hacking Methods training course, you’ll learn the methods, tools and techniques necessary to become a skilled ethical hacker trained to locate weaknesses in the most stringent of network environments. You’ll cover topics ranging from the fundamentals of hacking, vulnerability scanning and exploits and network traffic analysis, to name a few. With full access to a live virtual lab environment, case studies, lectures and additional course content that mirrors real-life hacking scenarios, you’ll become equipped with abundant knowledge to defend the networks, systems and applications of major organizations.

In order to be successful in this online training class, it is recommended that individuals possess general knowledge of server/client networking, firewalls and/or common types of malware.

Ethical Hacking Methods Primary Objectives include:

  • Introduction to Hacking & Penetration Testing, Ethics & the law
  • Information Gathering & Footprinting
  • Port Scanning, Vulnerability Scanning & System Exploits
  • Network Traffic Analysis & Sniffing

In this self-paced online Ethical Hacking Methods class you will have access to:

  • Interactive & explanatory instruction & lectures
  • User-friendly interface with comprehensive course curriculum
  • Step-by-step instructional video with attacks & security
  • Live, virtual lab environment for you to experiment on real equipment as you learn*

Check out our online training walkthrough video!

*Labs are optional