Advanced Penetration Testing Training, or APT training, is an intense, hands-on training class that makes traditional pentesting training classes look like a Security+ class. The class was written by a conglomerate of IT security and security training’s most respected professionals. This team of industry professionals were looking to create a course that dissects the art of hacking and creates professionals who deeply understand the “why’s” of penetration testing / exploitation so that all traditional barriers can be broken.

Our most advanced penetration testing is a class where you will experience real pentesting in high security environments. The course is a three-day intensive that focuses attacking and defending highly secured environments such as agencies, financial organizations, federal organizations, and large companies.

Advanced Penetration Testing Training in Maryland, Washington D.C. or Northern Virginia

Welcome, hackers, to APT, the newest and most aggressive training to increase your exploitation / penetration testing skill set. Be ready to learn the art of pentesting high security environments using advanced persistent threat techniques and the highest level hacking techniques available in any classroom.

Learn through hands-on training how to take different paths, use alternate methods and challenge traditional practices and software in penetration testing. This class will take the port-scanning security professional to a whole new frame of mind with a whole new level of skill sets. Hack into high security environments using tools and procedures that you have never thought of.

Pentesting High Security Environments is NOT a death by PowerPoint course.

Delivery Style: 80% Hands-On, 20% Lecture

Course Length: 24 Hours (3 days)

Classroom-Based Training Cost: $1,995 Per Enrollment

Advanced Security by TrainACE offers Advanced Penetration Testing at our two locations in Greenbelt, MD and Ashburn, VA. 

This is an Advanced Security course. You must meet specific prerequisites in order to enroll in this course. Please speak to your account manager for more details.

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Topics & Concepts Covered in Advanced Penetration Testing Training Include:

  • Understanding the Defender: IDS/IPS overview and bypasses, antivirus bypasses, binary evasion and packing binaries
  • Attacking from the Web: Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, SQL injection attack, remote file inclusion, local file inclusion
  • Exploiting the Network: Client side (browser) exploitation, Windows privilege escalation, Linux privilege escalation, re-purposing administrative tools
  • Post Exploitation: Windows persistence techniques, enabling RDP/VNC, Linux persistence techniques, backdooring SSH logins, post exploitation reconnaissance, data exfiltration techniques

Recommended Training Audience and Prerequisites

Students that are Network/System Administrators with three (3) or more years experience working in environments such as financial institutions, DoD networks, or similar high security environments will benefit greatly from this course. It is however primarily designed for Network/Web Application Penetration testers that are looking for the little tricks that will help them better attack high security environments.

Students must be familiar with IT Security best practices, and have a good understanding of TCP/IP and common web technologies.

  •   Basic Windows administration for servers and workstations
  •   Basic Linux/*NIX system administration skill
  •   Basic command line proficiency on both Windows and *NIX systems

Students should be familiar with the following web technologies and languages:

  •    HTTP
  •    HTML
  •    Javascript
  •    ASP
  •    PHP
  •    SQL

Students should also be familiar with Metasploit, and VMWare.

Class completion of the CEH and or ECSA/LPT and/or equivalent industry experience is required.