Linux Certified Professionals are in High Demand

When Linux first appeared on the market, it was barely understood. Now, it’s one of the major players in networking, servers, smartphones, the web, and supercomputers, which means its grabbing demand from hiring managers. How much attention is it grabbing? If the 2015 Linux Jobs Report is to be believed, nearly all […]

How We Can Help You Prevent a Hacking Incident

The internet is full of hackers, and these hackers grow in numbers, strength, and power each and every day. It was recently discovered that a group of hackers had managed to steal in total, around $1 billion from banks through their computers. This is thought to be one of the […]

Cyber Security Trends in 2015

Cyber security breaches are becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeted as the years go on, and your company is vulnerable even if they are not a major retailer involved in cutting-edge technology or high-risk information processing. Cyber security issues in 2015 run the gamut from mobile hacking to holding data for […]

The Best Things in Life are Overseas: IT Employment Opps

  Have you been searching for IT employment opportunities close to home, but to no avail? Try Greece on for size! Technical trainers are needed for six-month overseas positions in CompTIA A+, CEH and CISSP in the city’s capital. Airfare, accommodations and meals are all covered by the employer. Candidates […]

Why a Career as an Ethical Hacker is Awesome

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. If you have criminally good technical skills but can’t handle potential prosecution and prison time, you should turn away from the dark side and become an ethical hacker instead. As an ethical hacker, you get to exercise all your hacking […]

Why Having APT Skills are Beneficial in Today’s Job Market

Why Having APT Skills are Beneficial in Today’s Job Market Advanced penetration testing involves testing the security measures of computer systems to see how well sensitive data is safeguarded. APT experts use the same hacking methods to access systems and bypass security measures. Successful access means that security measures are […]

Why the Python Language is Important to Security

Why the Python Language is Important to Security In a constantly changing online security landscape, it’s important for security professionals to be able to react quickly to new threats. The problem is that many of the more powerful coding languages are complex and take quite some time to write in, […]

It’s Survey Time Again…Enter to win a Free iPad!

2014 is wrapping up quickly, and 2015 will be here before you know it! It’s no secret that the start of a new year is commonly associated with change—the trend of ‘new year’s resolutions’ is a mainstay in popular culture. Here at TrainACE, we’re gearing up for the new year […]

The Importance of Mobile Security

Reports on security breaches have now become standard in the daily news, as common as home or retail store robberies. Internet hackers steal personal banking information as simply as if they were reaching into someone’s back pocket. However, security breaches are not limited to Internet transactions or computers. Mobile devices […]