Job Opportunities as a Certified Ethical Hacker

Technology is innovating at an exponential rate, and there are continually new and exciting devices and gadgets hitting the market. While these advancements in society have largely offered us a tremendous level of convenience, there are always a few bad apples in every barrel, and some people use technology to […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Passwords

Take a moment to think about the array of passwords you have created overtime. It’s very likely that you have so many passwords that you can’t possibly remember them all, or on the reverse side, you could be someone who uses the same password for all of your login credentials. […]

5 Cyber Security Guidelines for Vacationers

It’s that time of year…vacation season! Residents across the Washington, D.C. metro area are traveling to the many beaches and resorts just a day trip away! For most people, smart phones, tablets, and laptops play a huge role in everyday life, and even more so for those in the technology […]

What is Big Data and Why is It So Important?

Big data consists of immense pools of information that can be analyzed to unlock patterns—all for the purpose of making better decisions. This data is the basis for growth and competition for companies. On a macro scale, it can enhance and create value for the world economy. The direct result […]

The Importance of Mobile Security

Reports on security breaches have now become standard in the daily news, as common as home or retail store robberies. Internet hackers steal personal banking information as simply as if they were reaching into someone’s back pocket. However, security breaches are not limited to Internet transactions or computers. Mobile devices […]

Open SSL, Being Patched Again?!

So OpenSSL is being patched again, very shortly after the Heartbleed Bug was fixed. According to the OpenSSL Security Advisory, multiple security vulnerabilities affecting the security layer have been recently discovered. One of the security threats actually allowed an attacker to see and modify traffic between an OpenSSL server and […]

Microsoft Windows Security Essentials

As the OS of choice for many businesses, Microsoft Windows houses the sensitive data of banks, hospitals and corporations. In fact, as one of the most prevalently used operating systems out there, malware authors have an affinity for attacking anything Windows—it’s their go-to playground.  In order to properly defend Windows […]

Career with a Security+ Certification

While it is a good feeling simply to have achieved your Security+ Certification, the reality is clear that it is time to start your career and job search in the information technology (IT) field. With a boost to your self-esteem, knowing that you have a respected professional certification endorsed by […]