Development & Programming Summary

A career in development and programming puts you on the cutting edge of computer technology.  If you tend to wonder how a computer knows what to do when you hit a button, then this is the field for you.  To define this field, let’s split the definition into its two parts: computer development and computer programming.

Computer development is simply the advancement of the industry overall; getting to the next stage. It is a broad term that includes everything from how a computer works to migrating from one software platform to another.  And, computer programming is the specifics of the industry. It is the expertise of being able to write, design, develop and publish new programs and tools that allow users to do everything from organize data to play video games to creating the functions that allow us to edit a spreadsheet.

Practical Areas of Programming and Development

SQL Server Training: Sequential Query Language. (SQL) is the computer command language. It interacts with and performs tasks with relational databases. It can handle small databases like contact lists or large enterprises like banks, and even census bureau statistics.  Because most database systems use SQL, many employers seek this expertise. There are SQL boot camps where you can pick up the basics and advanced training (eg, Server Level 1 & 2). Some relational database management systems you may be familiar with are Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Access and Sybase.

.NET Knowledge: A Microsoft Web technology, .NET allows users to connect via software. Employed across the Microsoft platform, .NET technology allows experts the aptitude to construct, install and run security-enhanced programs with Web services. Perhaps the most important feature of .NET is that it allows users to access of information from any device, at any time.

Many companies have software applications developed that are specific to their needs and the way they do business. This presents talented programmer and designers a real chance to shine and put their mark on a company.  Sometimes, it’s an industry that has a particular need. Industry-specific applications are created all the time. QuickBooks, the popular accounting industry software is a well-known example.

Other careers in the fast-paced field of computer design and development: Information Architect, Technical Writing, Software Design and Database Development.

For these reasons, and many more, a career in computer development and programming is secure, and is expected to grow at warp speed for years to come.