There are many certification options that can help advance a career in the field of technology.  A person can take courses, here at ACE, which will help to achieve certifications specific to the Business and Management Skills side of this rapidly growing industry.  Whether you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder, or just increase your knowledge base, our Business and Management certifications will help you on your way to the next level.

We offer several types of classes

There are almost no limits to the business skills and management skills classes we can offer. Some of these classes are open enrollment and are looked at as being in the mainstream of popularity. However, some are only available through us as custom classes.

If your company, organization or government agency would like to Request a Quote on a customized Business Skills or Management Skills class at your location or ours, click here and tell us about it.

Open Enrollment Business and Management Skills Classes

Computers are an integral part of pretty much any business, save for the very smallest ‘Mom and Pop’-type corner stores—and even those may be computerized now.  So, people looking to develop careers in business management might consider pursuing an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification.  An ITIL Foundation certificate means that the individual is knowledgeable about managing IT infrastructures and how to best work with IT service support.  People who take this course learn about business organization as well as how to work within the management IT framework.

Why start with the ITIL?  Here’s one good reason:  the ITIL certification can be used as a credit towards earning the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.  The PMP certification teaches professionals how to organize and oversee group projects from start to finish.  This can include projects in all types of businesses, but there is often a strong focus on computer-related or networking-involved projects.  IT project managers are generally in charge of planning and implementing projects for a company or agency by developing the plan and assigning work to certain people or groups of people within the company and monitoring progress.

Many PMP’s decide to go on and earn additional certifications to strengthen their resumes.  One of the most common certifications is the Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification.  Once a person has passed this exam, he is well on his way to becoming authorized to teach others how to use Microsoft, Novell, and Prosoft products, among others. 

People with a CTT+ certification can engage in careers as corporate trainers, train their own staff, and sleep easy knowing that their resume contains a record of superior knowledge and ability.  Like anything else, the more certifications a person has, the more desirable they will appear to employers within the information technology field.

The CAPM Certification course provides an opportunity to Project Managers to better understand the applications and processes of their work. Certification is important for businesses to see that an individual has extensive experience in project management, and is familiar with the process with which projects are assigned, completed and evaluated.