The Average Salaries of the Top Cyber Security Jobs

There is no doubt that the field of Cyber Security is growing by leaps and bounds. The benefits of becoming involved in a field such at this are both job demand and job security. A large consideration to take into account when looking at any career is the potential and the average salary. The good news is that cyber security is here to stay and there are numerous roles to choose from when deciding in which direction to take your career. Each of these positions carry different amounts of responsibility and different types of duties.

This whitepaper details the average salary of some of cyber security’s top job titles such as Penetration Tester, Senior Data Security Analyst, Data Security Manager, and Chief Information Technology Officer, just to name a few. The statistics provided in this paper take into account many factors including location, past training and experience, as well as the presence of a security clearance. This whitepaper will provide clarity and insight as you continue your research on top job titles in cyber security.

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