Free Hackinars (Hacking Webinars) Now Available for Download:

These webinars, or hackinars as we like to call them, are designed around the latest and greatest advances in the fields of information technology and cyber security. As always, they are completely free and always ready to download so you can view them at your convenience. TrainACE is rolling these out at least once a quarter, so be on the lookout for the opportunity to attend one live!

*CPE/CEUs are issued only for attendance at live webinars, and can only be requested 1-3 days following the original broadcast. CPE/CEUs will NOT be issued for any webinars attended in the past. Ex: If a webinar originally aired in March, downloading/viewing the webinar in May will render you ineligible to receive a CEU/CPE because the webinar was not viewed during the original broadcasting period.

We do not guarantee universal acceptance of our CEU certificates by vendors. It is up to you to ensure you have all of the materials necessary (including our certificate and/or additional materials) to grant extension of your certifications by your vendor(s). 

Episode XIII: Hunting Cyber Threats with Big Data 
Fighting Cyber Threats isn’t an easy task—and many times, security products are limited in their ability to communicate the severity of the issue–or of any issue at all—to the end-user. In turn, that leaves you and your network at major risk for data breach.This webinar will prepare you to fight against security threats with big data tactics.

Episode XII: romanHunter – How to Catch Hackers with an Open Source Wireless Honeypot
Join us for this excellent defensive focused hacking webinar. In this webinar Advanced Security Instructor, Timber Wolfe will show you how to use romanHunter (ROuter MAN HUNTER) to catch hackers attacking your network.

Episode XI: CEH Training Lab Demo – Process Injection Using Metasploit Framework and Syringe
In this video, Christian Crank, Security Researcher for Advanced Security by TrainACE, demonstrates the hacking skill set of process injection, which is a hands-on lab covered in our Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) training course.

Episode X: Honey Pots, Honey Nets, and Honey Farms Hacker’s Breakfast Event
Honey nets are a tool which can help to beat attacker’s at their own game. Learn how to trap unwanted network intruders and how to use this collected data to gain vital information about your enemies in this presentation brought to you by our resident Honey Net expert, Timber Wolfe.

Episode IX: Advanced Threat Intel – I Can Have Most of My Threat Research Tools in a Single Interface?
This hour-long webinar is stuffed full with demos analyzing suspected malicious URL to show attendees how they can get to the bottom of a potential threat to their company.

Episode VIII: Port Security
Knowing the basics of port security is a MUST for anyone involved in protecting a network of any size. This in depth webinar will take you from “hubs and switches” all the way to spoofing MAC addresses.

Episode VII : NMAP vs. Wireshark
Taking the time to understand the differences between port scanner and protocol analyzers is essential to successfully passing any security certification. This webinar ensures you’ll understand NMAP and Wireshark through live demos using the two programs.

Episode VI : Steganography
Check out the basics of steganography; the science of writing hidden messages in a carrier file. Basically, security through obscurity!

Episode V : Access Controls Lists
James Younger is back to explain ACL’s. A main focus of this webinar is the concept of implicit deny being that it is a necessary part to gaining several certifications.

Episode IV : Learn to Subnet
If Subnetting has been a problem area for you, you are not alone! Take a look, or two, at these subnetting demo’s presented by lead instructor, James Younger. There are both introductory and advanced videos available so you are able to learn and review at your own pace.

Episode III : Attacking and Defending Windows 8 by TrainACE
Windows 8 is the new kid on the block and people all over are trying to dissect it. Take a look at this webinar packed with demos and tips on how to attack Windows 8. To successfully defend something, you must first know all of the vulnerabilities present.

Episode II : Mobile App Penetration Testing
A glimpse at a few fundamental methods to hacking mobile devices through some of the more prevalent applications that exist on those devices.

Episode I :Wireless Hacking
Join us as we take a look at how dangerous open Wifi networks, like the ones found in coffee shops, hotels and airports, can be.  We’ll demonstrate how easy it is for a hacker to pull off a wireless Man-In-the-Middle attack.  This attack is nearly undetectable, even to many security professionals.